How to Create a Family Gallery
How To:

Create a Family Gallery

Photographs and artwork are some of the most treasured mementos of every family's history. An assortment of frames in plenty of sizes and configurations will let you find exactly what you need to preserve and display your favorite snapshots, collages, and drawings and paintings lovingly created by your children. They're the perfect way to fill the rooms of your home with the unique spirit of your family.

Gallery 1: Wall Assortment

Unify a playful, varied group of photographs, artwork and keepsakes with one simple frame style. Choose a variety of sizes and orientations, and use mats to offset some of your favorites.

Hang them on a solid-color wall with plenty of light in a family room or entryway, where they'll inspire and entice your family and friends to enjoy your sentimental treasures.

Gallery 2: Shelf Display

Create a fun display that's easy to update by using wall-mounted shelves or picture rails. Choose frames that complement the shelves, and layer the photographs and artwork to give it a casual feel.

A few other decorative accessories or found objects can add an extra personal appeal. When you have new photos or artwork that you're ready to show off, it's simple to switch out a few pieces and rearrange for a fresh display.