How to Choose Color for a Neutral Nursery
How To:

Choose Color for a Neutral Nursery

There are many ways to incorporate color into the nursery without defining the room as a boy or girl space. Most colors are surprisingly versatile, and white or other neutrals make laying on a variety of hues effortless.

Yellow and green are classic color choices for gender-neutral nurseries, but you can get a little bolder with reds and oranges as well. A smart starting point is to choose crib bedding or simply a swatch of fabric with a theme that you love, and use one of its colors to guide the rest of the room – it's easier to pull a color from a pattern than it is to find a pattern to match your selected color. Remember, inspiration can be found everywhere. A storybook, favorite piece of artwork or the garden outside the window might just spark ideas for a beautiful color scheme.

If you'd prefer to keep the canvas neutral and then layer in bright pops of pink or blue after your baby is born, colors ranging from white to rich browns give you plenty to work with. Pair dark wood furniture with warm mocha brown on the walls and a plush sand-colored rug. A simple white fitted crib sheet will make it easy to bring in color with a bright bumper or quilt. Wall art, accent pillows and area rugs will all lend themselves to colorful choices later, too.

Play with different tones of one color. Set a tranquil mood with soft, soothing hues of green, or try two-tone walls for added depth and interest. Balance is the key. If you go with a bold, saturated color or strong pattern on the wall, choose neutral-toned furnishings and window coverings to counter the intensity.

Remember that color nearly always looks darker on the wall than it does on a paint chip. Be sure to test large swatches of paint on the wall before committing to a color. Look at how the natural light in the room changes the color through the day.