How to Choose Color for a Boy's Nursery
How To:

Choose Color for a Boy's Nursery

Blue is a great color choice for a boy's nursery, but it's far from being the only choice. Shades of green, red, brown, white and yellow are also all great options for your nursery.

A theme for the nursery, such as sailboats or animals, can inspire your color palette. Patterns are a great starting point, too. A vibrant striped rug or a whimsical pillow print can lead you to the perfect wall color. If you find a fabric print that you love, pick out one of its colors and use that – or a tonal shade of it – to guide your choices for the rest of the room.

Think about whether you want deeper colors and high contrasts, or softer colors and a more tranquil palette for the room as a whole. A neutral color on the wall gives you lots of freedom to add colorful art and accessories like pillows, rugs, blankets and window coverings. While you're considering your choices for crib bedding, rugs, window panels and chair upholstery, don't forget about furniture finishes. A crib, changing table and dresser in a rich espresso will have an impact on the room that's very different from a white finish.

Once you've selected one or two main colors for the room, add variety and depth by bringing in different intensities and tones. The walls may be a deep ocean blue, complemented by accessories in sky blue and dark navy. White furniture provides a clean contrast to a deep wall color choice.

Think in terms of balance. If you go with a bold, saturated color or strong pattern on the walls or crib bedding, neutral-toned furnishings and window coverings can let them stand out and feel playful without overwhelming the room.

Test the paint color you've chosen on a large patch of the wall before committing to it. You'll notice that the way it looks can change considerably based on the lighting of the room and also how sunlight enters the room throughout the day.