6 Tips for Hosting the Best
Halloween Party

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, and the majority of the guests are children and toddlers, get ready for some fun! Little ones take so much joy in Halloween and love getting into the spirit of things. There are many great ideas for a kids’ Halloween party that can thrill not only the kids but the adults as well. Here at Pottery Barn Kids, we recommend you keep these tips in mind to ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

6 Tips for Hosting the Best Halloween Party


Send out the invites

Whether you send traditional paper invites or go the digital route, sending out the Halloween party invitations is a great first step. Choose a kid-friendly time and length for the party so the little ghouls and goblins aren’t out too late. Include other details like if the kids should dress up or if you’ll be serving food so the parents can plan accordingly.


Think Casper the friendly ghost

Kids think Halloween is fun and not too scary. Ensure that the party you throw keeps things that way, especially for younger guests. Keep decorations light and age-appropriate. Choose Halloween icons such as pumpkins, black cats, spiders and owls. Cute animal decorations can also really be a hit at the party. Don’t opt for super-scary movies or soundtracks during the party. Keep things fun and festive.


It’s all about the food

Little ones and adults love to munch, especially when it’s Halloween. With the abundance of sugar that typically comes along with this holiday, this is a good time to make some healthy snacks for the party. Halloween favorites like candy corn and chocolates are great to include, but put out some healthy treats like apple slices and popcorn as well. This is also a fun chance to dress up your table with Halloween tabletop decorations, adding festive fun to the party.


Plan fun activities and games

Opt for some fun, non-scary activities for kids while they’re at the party. Apple bobbing is one of thefirst games that comes to mind, but there are plenty to try. Have kids pair off into teams of two, with one child trying to wrap his or her partner as a mummy with toilet paper. The fastest to finish wins the game. You can put a Halloween spin on an old favorite as well. Try pin the tail on the black cat,or opt for a Halloween piñata.


Try a costume theme

If you’re having a small gathering with other parents, friends and their children, a fun idea is to try for a costume theme. Everyone dressing up as Smurfs or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are fun ideas. Pottery Barn Kids has lots of different types of costumes to choose from, from baby to toddler. Plan a theme with your friends for a spectacular evening and photos that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.


Opt for Halloween music and books

There are plenty of Halloween themes and songs that are kid-friendly, so have a running soundtrack during the party. A read-along is also a fun idea. Choose a book that the children will love, and perhaps parents can take turns reading from the book as the children sit and listen.