5 Essentials for a Great Christmas Tree

Decorating the tree is one of the most treasured Christmas traditions. Everyone in the family can get involved, and it's the perfect opportunity to talk about favorite holiday memories as each ornament is unwrapped. The best part is, once you're finished you have a beautiful seasonal centerpiece for your home that will be a symbol of all the shared excitement and anticipation.

Here are five easy ideas for giving your Christmas tree sweet style your family will love all season long.

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  • Start with a few garlands.

    Once the tree is securely in its stand, begin by draping a few garlands on its boughs. Most garlands aren't breakable, so the kids can have fun helping with the lower part of the tree. Look for styles that are crafted of felt, beads or other crafty elements – or go the truly old-fashioned route and make your own by threading cranberries and popcorn on twine.

  • Let the kids be in charge of the unbreakable ornaments.

    Establish a separate box for storing unbreakable ornaments, and then let the kids take charge of it while trimming the tree.

  • Choose a commemorative ornament for each child every Christmas.

    You'll be surprised how something as small as an ornament will bring back a flood of memories when you pull it out each year. Your kids will love to take that walk down memory lane, too. It's a great idea to choose one that can be personalized with the year and their name.

  • Don't forget the tree skirt.

    Arranging a festive skirt beneath the tree gives it a beautifully finished look – plus, it helps camouflage the tree stand and draws attention away from any needles the tree drops over the course of the month.

  • Finish with the perfect crowning touch.

    A classic star atop the tree is always beautiful, but there are options from elegant all the way to playful to choose from. Just make sure you leave enough clearance between the top of your tree and the ceiling to fit the topper you choose.