Gold Brushed Balloons

A few strokes of a brush are all it takes to transform kids' birthday balloons into upscale party decor.

Give traditional birthday balloons new life with this easy transformation that creates beautiful party decor.

Tools and Materials

  • A dozen helium-filled white latex balloons with gold string
  • 1 jar gold enamel paint or "liquid gold leaf"
  • 1" chip brush
  • Latex gloves

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Mix paint well.

2. While wearing gloves, hold balloon by the tied end.

3. Apply paint in quick, upward strokes toward the top of balloon. Continue until you go all the way around the balloon. Don't fuss over perfectly even brush strokes – the hand-painted look is the goal here. And remember: you only want to gild the bottom third of balloon!

4. Allow to dry, then add some extra ribbon or a tassel for decoration.

Tip: Be sure balloons are the last thing to pick up on your party to-do list. When possible, opt for the longer-lasting helium that some party stores offer. Storing the balloons in a garbage bag until just before the party is another way to ensure that they'll stay afloat longer!