Glittered Letter Garland

by The TomKat Studio

This shimmering glittered garland is the perfect party decor for this baby shower theme. Use our printable letter templates to spell out the word "baby" – then string the letters together using luxe satin ribbon and bows.

Tools and Materials

Download letter templates

How to Assemble the Garland

1. Download and print letter templates.

2. Cut out the first letter template.

3. Use a pencil to trace the letter template onto the backside of the glittered cardstock. Be sure to place the template backwards while tracing.

4. Cut the traced letter out of the glittered card stock.

5. Repeat for each letter.

6. Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the top corners of each letter.

7. String 1/4" satin ribbon through the holes of each letter.

8. Hang the letter garland in your desired location, finishing it with a thick satin ribbon bow on each end.