Fun Back-to-School Activities to Start the Year Right

Getting into the back to school groove is about more than just buying backpacks and packing lunches. Beyond back to school shopping, it’s important to help kids create happy school habits. Establish a good routine with early bedtimes, packing lunches and setting clothes out the night before, doing homework together and establishing a routine of reviewing the next day’s schedule over dinner or at bedtime. You can also start the school year off right with fun back to school activities that encourage kids to develop a love of learning while giving you valuable time to bond together.

Fun Back-to-School Activities to Start the Year Right

Mark the occasion

Keeping track of yearly growth is an easy, fun way to start the school year. Pottery Barn Kids offers a variety of growth charts designed to help you mark the occasion every year and track your child’s growth. Kids enjoy watching their own progress as they grow, particularly as they begin school and move from preschool to elementary school and beyond. Our growth charts feature durable construction designed to last for many years. We designed our growth charts with an integrated slot for hanging on the wall, and we offer them in a variety of colors and designs. Add a special touch by personalizing the growth chart with your child’s name or initials.

Create a fun-filled tote

Buy a few colorful tote bags and fill them with age-appropriate thematic activities that encourage kids to use and develop different skills. For example, inspire art and writing in younger kids with a favorite coloring book and some paints, markers or crayons. Give older kids a notebook or a sheet of paper to write a poem about a certain piece of artwork, create a tall tale from story dice or create a Mad-Lib to transform back-to-school activities into fun, creative routines that develop important skills.

Pottery Barn Kids carries a variety of totes in colorful, kid-friendly patterns that go seamlessly from an activity tote to a durable bag ideal for taking on weekend trips and sleepovers. We design our bags with interior zippers ideal for holding pencils, crayons and other treasured items. They’re made to last with cotton canvas construction that includes a reinforced bottom and webbed handles for added sturdiness.

Set them up for success

Having a well-equipped area with ample space for coloring or doing homework helps kids develop good study habits from an early age. Get kids involved in creating their study space by picking out the spot together, ideally one that’s away from noisier rooms. Add a play table and chairs for younger kids or a desk and supportive chair for older kids. Choose a table or desk with enough space for your child to spread out and work, play and complete projects comfortably. We carry several play tables that come with two sets of legs to grow along with your student. All of our desks and play tables come in a variety of finishes for a classic look or a pop of color.

Make learning fun

Kids of all ages learn through play. Investing in educational toys and games let your children engage and have fun while developing important skills. Preschool-age children start learning about numbers, letters and language. Our alphabet and number puzzles provide hands-on learning with bright colors and large pieces that are designed for easy handling. Older children develop enhanced problem-solving skills with our puzzles and train sets that create achievable challenges with exciting rewards.

Schedule play time

Set up a playroom or play area where your child can use his or her imagination and expend energy. This is particularly important for young children just starting school, but all kids need to have plenty of play time at home to balance their more structured school days. Set kids up for success by scheduling play dates with their classmates before the school year even starts. In addition to giving them a valuable outlet for their energy, it also helps them establish friendships and work on social skills.