Unicorn Face Paint Template

Straight from a fairy tale, this rainbow-inspired unicorn design makes dressing up extra special.

Tools and Materials

  • Water-based face paint (in light pink, white, blue, and purple)
  • 4 Small paintbrushes (or makeup brushes)
  • Self-Adhesive Mini Facial Rhinestones (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Using light pink face paint, paint the top of the eyelids with a small brush. Make the stroke thicker toward the base and continually thinner as you move to the temple.

2. Repeat the first step using light purple, blue and white face paint.

3. (Optional) Add a few self-adhesive facial rhinestones to the corner of each eye.

4. Finish by painting the lips with light pink face paint (or lipstick).

Tip: This design can be used with a variety of colors and costumes like our Rainbow.