Swan Face Paint Template

This magical swan costume is made even more special with sparkling rhinestones and a simple face painting design.

Tools and Materials

  • Water-based face paint (in white, light blue, and pink)
  • Self-Adhesive Mini Facial Rhinestones
  • 1 Medium Paintbrush (or makeup brush)
  • 1 Small Paintbrush (or makeup brush)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Using light blue face paint (or eyeshadow), paint eyelids with a medium brush.

2. Using a small paintbrush and white face paint, make four curved brush strokes above each eyebrow. Make them thicker at the base and continually thinner until you reach the end.

3. Add the rhinestones to the forehead in a V shape. You can also add a couple rhinestones to the corner of each eye.

4. Finish by painting the lips with light pink face paint (or pink lipstick).

Tip: For an even more dazzling look, dust on a bit of fine cosmetic glitter to complete the look.