Kitty Cat Face Paint Template

This simple face painting design is quick, easy and works well for little ones who are eager to start the festivities.

Tools and Materials

  • Water-based face paint (in white, black and pink)
  • 1 Large makeup brush
  • 1 Medium Paintbrush (or makeup brush)
  • 1 Small Paintbrush (or makeup brush)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Using white face paint, paint between the nose and lips with a large makeup brush. Brush out towards the cheeks for a whisker effect.

2. Using the end of a small paintbrush and black face paint, make little dots along the upper lip. Starting at the dots, make slightly curved brush strokes across the cheek – these are the whiskers.

3. Draw a straight line from the bottom of the nose to the top of the lip with the black face paint.

4. Using the pink face paint, color in the tips of the nose and lips with a medium brush. (You can also use lipstick for the lips.)

Tip: For a simplified version of this design, follow step 2 with an eyeliner pencil or black face paint.