Crocodile Face Paint Template

Use our step-by-step instructions below to easily replicate this vivid crocodile design.

Tools and Materials

  • Water-based face paint (in three shades of green – light, medium and dark)
  • 1 Makeup sponge or large makeup brush
  • 1 Medium Paintbrush (or makeup brush)
  • 1 Small Paintbrush (or makeup brush)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Using the makeup sponge or large brush, paint the entire face with the medium shade of green.

2. To make scales, use a medium paintbrush and a light green (or yellow) face paint. Draw mini half-circles on the cheeks, nose and forehead.

3. Finish with a small paintbrush by outlining the bottom of the mini half-circles with dark green paint.

Tip: Opt for water-based face paint – it dries quickly and doesn't smear, and you can easily remove it with soap and water.