Displaying Artwork in a Play Space

To inspire creativity, bring each child's current interests and hobbies into the room with colorful posters and memorabilia. Hang gallery shelves or wall cubes for showing off personal collections, trophies and prized objects. Designate different areas for each child's displays, so everyone can make a personal mark on the room.

When it's time to update your current gallery, you'll need places to store some of the artwork you're rotating out.

A few flat boxes that you can easily stack on a shelf or in a cabinet are perfect. Find ways to label and organized them, by assigning one color to each child, or by labeling each box with a year or season. Later on, you and your kids will love to look through them and remember what a source of pride they were.

Displaying Artwork in a Play Space

The playroom is the perfect place to celebrate your kids' individuality and creative spirit. Build it into the room's design by devoting plenty of space to displaying their latest creations.

You can turn an entire wall into an art gallery with matching frames in different sizes, or hang a wire cable along the wall and use clips to easily rotate masterpieces. Provide areas for kids to express themselves freely. Give each child their own bulletin board full of decorative pushpins for posting favorite photos and art.

Personalize each board by covering it in colorful paper or fabric. Hanging a large chalkboard or painting a section of the wall with chalkboard paint brings an ever-evolving mural to the room, encouraging kids to make on-the-spot drawings that will often be part of the day's activities or games.