3 tips for

Decorating with Lavender

A beautiful mix of elegance and simplicity, lavender offers a soft way to bring color to a space. Here are three ways to incorporate this calming shade into a nursery or bedroom.

3 Tips for Decorating with Lavender

Layer It On

Use lavender to tie together several different patterns on a bed. Break it up with a neutral tone, like white or soft beige.

Mix and Match

With undertones both cool and warm, lavender is easy to pair with other hues. Play up its warmth by mixing it with pink or light orange, or bring out the cooler side by layering on blue or mint green.

Add Some Texture

With its soothing tones that still feel energetic, lavender is a wonderful color to help set the stage. Lay out a rug with some textural appeal to create a soft foundation for the room.