3 tips for

Decorating with Coral

A beautiful combination of red, pink and orange, coral is vibrant hue that's cheerful and bright. Here are three ways to blend this carefree shade into a bedroom, nursery or play space.

3 Tips for Decorating with Coral

Mix it with white

Simple and fresh, white offers a clean backdrop to let coral shine. Choose mostly white bedding and accessories embellished with pops of coral, or let coral take center stage while white serves as the accent.

Add some cool-colored contrast

Coral sits well with cooler shades, like aqua, lavender or gray. Don't be afraid to give both colors equal weight in a space – they'll balance each other out.

Layer it on

Because coral is a combination of a few different hues, it's easy to pair with tonal shades. Try light pink, as it compliments coral without stealing the show.