3 tips for

Decorating with Aqua

The perfect mix of blue and green, aqua brings to mind summer skies and sea. Here are three ways to decorate a bedroom, nursery or play space in this versatile, sunny shade.

3 Tips for Decorating with Aqua

Pair with a soft pastel

Create a sense of balance by pairing the boldness of aqua with a softer shade, like gray, yellow or lavender.

Create a color story

If you like aqua, run with it! Anchor the room with a statement piece – like a crib or a play table – then add accents here and there, such as bedding, wall decor or accessories.

Add just a touch

Bright and bold, aqua is the perfect accent color – and a little goes a long way. Try just a hint in an embroidered pillow or patterned bedding for a chic yet playful look.