How to Decorate Crafty Eggs for Easter

A simple palette of two or three colors and a few easy-to-find craft supplies are all you need to make a collection of stylish Easter eggs that you can use year after year. Kids will love this project, too, since even small hands can create fun designs. Use your imagination to choose colors and embellishments that your kids will enjoy and that will look great in your home.

Tools and Materials

  • Wood, papier machè or craft paper eggs in a mix of sizes
  • Spray paint or craft paint (optional)
  • Fine-gauge sandpaper (optional)
  • Ribbon (several kinds in one or two coordinating colors; choose varying textures and materials)
  • Embellishments such as buttons, rhinestones or sequins
  • Hot glue gun

decorating the eggs

1. If you wish, paint or spray-paint your eggs in one or two colors. We painted some of ours white and then lightly sanded them to give them a rustic texture.

2. Decorate the eggs any way you want to. If small children are involved, make sure to help them apply the hot glue. Experiment with layering ribbons and buttons, or use them to create stripes or bands on the eggs.