Cupcake Liners & Toppers

Cupcake Liners & Toppers

A classic Valentine's Day treat, decorated cupcakes are a surefire way to win the hearts of little party guests. Make them stand out with a few fun details, and they'll easily serve as the table's centerpiece.

Tools & Materials:

  • 2 types of decorative paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Cut a strip of decorative paper that matches the height of the cupcake cup.
  2. Use any pinking shears or cut freely to create scallops and fun shapes at the top.
  3. Wrap the cut paper around the cupcake, and glue the inside seams of the paper where they overlap.
  4. Fold the second decorative paper in half. Cut a half heart on the seam and unfold.
  5. Place on top of cupcake as a topper.

Tip: Label each topper with a sweet Valentine's Day message to add a personal touch.