3 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

A twinkling Christmas tree surrounded by an array of wrapped gifts is one of the most magical sights of the season. To give your presents that extra little flourish of hand-crafted care, try one of our creative approaches to gift wrapping. It'll make the tree on Christmas morning look that much more personal and enticing.

Starry Wrap


  • Star-shaped paper punch (two or three in different sizes add depth and variety)
  • Festive colored paper (paper printed with small-scale patterns works well too)
  • Clear masking tape
  • School glue or a glue stick

1. Wrap gifts in solid-color paper. Any color will work, as long as it provides a noticeable contrast with the stars you plan to make.

2. Use your paper punch (or punches) to create handfuls of star "confetti."

3. Use your masking tape to mark out where you would normally apply ribbon on your gifts. One single band works well, or you can create a cross to resemble more elaborate ribbon.

4. Apply a thin layer of glue to the tape on one side of your package. Sprinkle a generous application of stars over it. Wait for that side to dry completely before turning your package and applying stars to the other sides.