How to Create a
Comfortable Bed for Your Child

Kids often think of any excuse they can to get out of bed in the middle of the night. Whether it’s needing a glass of water or hearing a funny noise, any number of things can come up once the household has gone to bed. Let the experts at Pottery Barn Kids help you create a bed setup that makes your child feel safe and comfortable. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your little one stays put once you tuck him in, but it can at least make bedtime seem a bit more appealing.

How to Create a Comfortable Bed for Your Child

The first step is to invest in a bed frame that he likes and that works for his sleeping style. Many people assume that a twin bed is sufficient for a small child, but think about how your little one sleeps. Does he spread out or is there a lot of movement? Does he pile all his stuffed animals onto the bed? If so, a full-size or even queen mattress may be appropriate. Getting a larger bed is a good idea because it’s a long-term investment that your child is able to sleep in for years to come. Make sure you pair a comfortable and appropriately sized mattress with the bed frame you end up selecting.

Think of your child’s favorite styles and colors when you’re setting up their bedroom. Kids start having personal preferences early on in life, and if you want your little one to feel truly comfortable in bed, you should take those preferences into account. When the bedding features their favorite shapes, characters or colors, they’ll be excited to hop into bed.

When you select bedding, take your child’s heat preferences into account as well. That is, think about whether your child seems to sleep hot or cold. Is there a preference for long-sleeve pajamas every night, or do all the blankets seem to end up on the floor by the time the sun comes up? Your little one could be displaying an early nighttime temperature preference. Kids don’t tend to describe themselves as “sleeping hot” or “sleeping cold” because they simply aren’t familiar with these terms, so do some investigative thinking on your own and think about what’s needed.

Even if your child does sleep hot, it’s important to have warm bedding available for particularly cold nights. Picking out some additional bedding for seasonal warmth, including a cushy duvet insert or quilt, helps ensure your little one’s comfort all year round. Consult with your child to make sure he is getting something that matches his individual style preferences. Most kids’ bedding includes a variety of fun colors and characters, so make sure to know your options before making a final decision.

Selecting comfortable and colorful sheets can be key to keeping your child cozy in bed. Sheets are arguably the most important piece of bedding because they make direct contact with your child’s body. We offer bedding in a variety of different materials, including smooth cotton sateen and comfy cotton jersey. Pick out a few different options and let your child decide which one is best for his or her sleeping preferences. Just like some people prefer a hard mattress while others prefer soft, some people prefer crisp sheets while others like their sheets soft.

Finishing touches can also have a big impact on whether your child feels comfortable in his or her own bed. Make sure there are enough soft pillows and blankets for your child to configure a space that feels like a cozy nest. Decorative throw pillows add visual interest and create additional soft spaces for young ones to cuddle up to. If your child has a collection of favorite stuffed animals or blankets, make sure there’s plenty of room for them in bed, too.