How to Choose the
Best Halloween Decor

When you have little ones at home, decorating for Halloween is almost as much fun as decorating for Christmas and the winter holidays. The ideas for Halloween are endless, and the fun spirit of Halloween makes the whole month of October such an enjoyable time for children. Of course, it’s not just all about the kids. You want them to have fun, but you also love the way your home looks, inside and out, when it’s decorated for this special occasion. Below are a few simple tips that will ensure your house will be one of the most festive in all the neighborhood.

How to Choose the Best Halloween Decor

The more pumpkins, the merrier

Even if you don’t go all out on the decorating, pumpkins are an absolute must during autumn. It’s an ideal day trip to take the kids to a local farm to do their own pumpkin patch picking. Farms and orchards usually have corn mazes and great outdoor activities for the kids this time of year as well. Pick a few pumpkins for both in and outside of the house, and don’t forget a carving kit to help your pumpkin stand out from the crowd. Pumpkins are exceptional tabletop ideas along with other decorations, or they work well on porches, entryways and on mantels. A fun idea is to have a Halloween carving party with the kids several days before the big day.

Wreaths and wall hangings

A great way to add a little indoor charm, wreaths and wall hangings are fun for both children and adults alike. They lend quite a bit of an autumn feel to an inside space and work well to liven up the outside. Choose kid-friendly themes that work well for Halloween night, or opt for more autumnal themes, such as leaves, to bring warm tones to your outside look.

Make functional items decorations

Decorations in the form of children’s treat bags or Halloween buckets actually work quite well around the house. Treat bags from Pottery Barn Kids are personalized, elegant and are usable year after year. Prior to Halloween, place treat bags and other trick-or-treat items around the house. Not only do they jazz up your Halloween decor, they help to build excitement for the children leading up to Halloween night.

Add little touches around the house

Little touches around the house make a big difference when it comes to that autumn, Halloween feeling. Fill kids' cups and adult cups up with such items as straw, candy corn or even plastic bugs from a local store. Place cups on mantels, tabletops and other areas to give the room a strong Halloween feel. Using their own cups and plates is a great way to involve kids in the Halloween decorating process.

Decorate yourself

When it comes to Halloween, dressing up is the name of the game. Make sure you and the entire family all have the perfect costume for the big day. If you’re having a Halloween party, it’s a fun idea to have an entire theme, from your own costume to decor around the house. For instance, if you’re a family of witches, a good idea is to decorate the house with broomsticks and witches’ hats. Ghosts can have fun throwing sheets around the house, or adding spider webs.

Seasonal toys

Good Halloween decor ideas for kids include toys and books. While they’re not really decorations, having seasonal items with a celebratory theme just adds to the overall feeling of Halloween party in the house. Some toys easily double as accessories for a Halloween outfit, as well. A good idea for kids is also to opt for a Halloween costume for their doll. This is great for pretend play and also adds to your Halloween decor.

Simple touches are the best

One of the cardinal rules of decorating is not to go too overboard. Choose simple, elegant decorations that are versatile and are usable year after year. Halloween-themed doormats or welcome mats, wreaths, wall hangings and pillows and throws are all excellent ideas that won’t overwhelm the house. If you’re throwing a party, add a little more to the mix with Halloween signs and banners.