How to Choose the
Best Halloween Costume

For many kids, Halloween is one of the year’s top holidays. Choosing a costume is a very important process, and most children will remember what was worn for years to come. While kids might want to choose the most outrageous costume possible, mom and dad are more likely to want something that is safe, easy and affordable. Pottery Barn Kids has a wide selection of costumes that please both children and adults, making it easy to find the middle ground with the best Halloween costume available.

How to Choose the Best Halloween Costume

Play off your child’s interests

If you ask your child, there is a good chance he or she already has some idea as to what to wear for Halloween. If they're unsure, suggest something that they enjoy or are interested in. Whether it is a beloved animal, TV character or sports figure, kids love to get into costume to emulate their favorite things. Make sure you talk about the costume for a week or two before pulling the trigger and deciding on one to buy. It’s not unusual for kids to change their mind at the last minute, so give sufficient time for costume consideration to reduce the chance that you or your child have buyer’s remorse over picking the wrong costume

Consider popularity

Ask yourself if your child likes to stand out from the crowd, or if wearing an elaborate costume draws too much attention. Some kids want to fit in, which means wearing a Star Wars™ costume with a group of friends, while a few prefer to march to the beat of their own drum. Only you know your child, but keep this in mind when helping him choose an appropriate costume.

Comfort is key

Trick-or-treating requires a lot of walking, so making sure your child is comfortable is of utmost importance. Make sure your child has full range of movement and isn’t bothered by any part of the costume. Keep in mind that you might want space for a thin layer of clothing underneath. Likewise, even if your daughter’s princess costume comes with its own high heels, it’s probably a wise idea to leave them at home and wear better walking shoes instead. A comfortable costume and reliable shoes mean that everyone is much more likely to have a good time.

Keep the weather in mind

Depending where you are located geographically, the end of October can be a chilly time, so consider the weather for your area when choosing a costume. If you expect the weather to be cold, make sure there is room for plenty of layers underneath the costume. Likewise, don’t overdress or wear a thick, heavy costume if you expect that your child might become too warm.

Make safety a priority

Remember that your child will want to wear this costume through the day and into the night, so plan accordingly. Keep long tails or capes tucked out of the way to avoid any tripping hazards. If a mask is involved, make sure the eye holes are large enough so that your child has no problem seeing. If your child chooses a dark-colored costume, put reflective tape around the edges and give them a glow stick to carry.

Keep your child involved

Most children are very opinionated about their Halloween preferences, so make sure to keep your child part of the process in picking the best costume. The key is to choose something that you both love. By setting your limits up front about what you want from your child’s costume and following some of these guidelines, you and your child can choose a costume together that leads to a fun and memorable Halloween.