Cardboard Landspeeder

Tools and Materials:

  • Single-face corrugated cardboard roll
  • Two 24" cardboard tubes, 3"-4" in diameter
  • Three 36"x48" sheets cardboard
  • One 24L"x18W"x16D" cardboard box
  • Brown craft tape
  • Low temperature glue gun*
  • Utility knife
  • Hacksaw
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Paint

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. View photos of our landspeeders above for reference while following the directions below.
  2. Cut the box in half along a 16" depth
  3. Assemble two box halves. You'll have two 24"x18"x8" open boxes—these will serve as the ships cockpits
  4. Draw and cut a landspeeder shape out of one cardboard sheet. Don't forget the side "wings"!
  5. Saw tubes into three equal pieces and make a slit down the side of each piece
  6. Attach a flat cardboard shape onto box with glue gun
  7. Cut six 8"x36" strips out of one of the cardboard sheets
  8. Flip ship upside-down and attach 8" strips using small L-shaped scraps of cardboard and glue
  9. Score the face of the sides to form the curves
  10. Turn back over and add tubes by sliding slit over "wing" shapes and securing with glue
  11. Use brown craft tape to reinforce ship and cover rough edges
  12. Cut strips of cardboard roll and add to the inside of tubes to create turbine engines
  13. Add finishing touches to your ship by painting designs and adding the third engine

Tip: Low temperature glue guns are quicker and much less messy than their high temp counterparts.