Airplane Cake Topper

Easily dress up a plain white cake using our printable design and a few supplies!

Tools and Materials

  • Printable Airplane Image
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun (or other adhesive such as tape)
  • Striped Straws (available here)

Download airplane cake topper

Step by Step Instructions

1. Download and print the airplane image.

2. Using scissors, cut out the airplane leaving about a quarter of an inch of white space around the outside of the airplane.

3. Lay the image down on a flat surface with the backside up.

4. Place two straws on the back of the airplane, one near the front and one near the back.

5. Place the straws at the desired height and then secure the straws to the back of the plane using hot glue or tape.

6. Finally, gently press the straws into the top of the cake and your topper is complete!