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Unplug with These 6 Holiday Gift Ideas

With so many great digital entertainment options out there, it’s no wonder kids are putting gadgets and gizmos for their holiday wish lists. But there’s still room in every child’s heart for a traditional toy, and you can help your little ones find some balance by including some analog gifts under the tree this year. Use these non-electronic gift ideas to spark some creativity in your little ones.  




There’s something special about fipping through a picture book when you’re a kid. eReaders are great, but being able to physically hold, touch and feel the pages of a book can help with the immersive experience that makes reading so fun for kids. Whether they’re hardcover or paperback, picture books and short chapter books are a world unto themselves. 



From a tiny strand of pearls to a plastic beading kit, jewelry is a delightful gift for children. You can show your little ones how proud you are of their creativity, whether they make a bracelet, necklace, ring or pair of earrings. For younger kids whose hands aren’t quite ready for this, supply them with clay so they can form shapes that you can later dry and string onto a necklace.  



Boys and girls of all ages love building block kits, and there are other construction and building kits to look into as well, from giant foam blocks to intricate wooden pieces that fit together to form amazing structures. Whether you’re opting for a Star Wars building block kit or have a classic kit in mind, these toys are a fantastic way to encourage creativity, curiosity and time spent away from the digital space. There are plenty of different options available to suit kids with varying personalities and interests, so do some exploring and see what you can find. You can even introduce your kids to the things you played with as a child.



No matter how awesome a tablet or computer is, it probably isn’t terribly cuddly. There’s no real substitute for the cuddly face of a friendly stuffed animal, after all. Toddlers and older kids alike love receiving new soft friends to play with and snuggle on cozy evenings. Large teddy bears that double as chairs and small dolls with yarn for hair have been delighting kids for generations. Stuffed animals are a major staple of childhood; they’re friends, confidants and willing participants in imaginative flights of fancy. From tea parties to imaginary secret missions, a stuffed animal is there for your kid at every sip or step. 



The challenge of a puzzle offers plenty of amusement, especially for younger kids who are still getting their hand-eye coordination skills polished up to expert levels. One great thing about physical puzzles is that they also help your children learn about the virtues of cleaning up and being careful with their possessions – they’ll want to ensure they get each puzzle piece back in the box every time they play. From colorful shapes to intricate patterns, puzzles give that wonderful feeling of satisfaction when the job is done and the picture finally comes together.



From indoor tents to outdoor playhouses, kids love having their own kid-sized play areas. These little houses are perfect for giving your kid an area that feels like their own magical corner of the world. Kids can take books, toys, friends and puzzles into a playhouse, making it a versatile venue for play that’s also large and impressive enough to make for a wonderful holiday gift.