Tutu Cute: Ballerina-Themed Baby Shower

Hooray! There's a baby on the way!

Anticipating a new arrival is always an exciting time, and naturally, everyone wants to celebrate it as much as possible. What better way to celebrate than by throwing a baby shower, especially one with a charming ballet theme? To help you pull it off, here's your guide to the perfect ballerina-themed baby shower, one that will be remembered for being just "tutu cute!"

First things first. When you are planning a themed party, you will want to make sure that every element of your decor is cohesive and pulled together, from the balloons to the desserts. An easy way to do this is to choose a color scheme first. When you're planning ballerina baby shower decorations, the most obvious color to use is pink, of course! Try a completely pink-and-white color scheme, varying the look with different shades ranging from hot pink to barely there blush. If you want to try something unique or unexpected, try adding other pastels to the mix, such as pale yellows and greens. Bonus points if your room's accessories represent colors in the scheme!

Try to keep the entire room in mind while collecting your decorations. Deck the ceiling with ruffled streamers or garlands, or fill the air with a bevy of brightly colored balloons. You could try a banner or more garlands on the walls, plus lots of table decorations on flat surfaces. Consider incorporating your ballerina baby shower theme into the tableware. The dishes, tablecloths, place mats and napkins all provide a great opportunity to get creative with your theme. You might also want to have a designated spot for guests to leave their gifts for the guest of honor. After all, a stack of colorful presents is one of the most festive decorations you could have! And if the guest of honor has already chosen a name for the baby, what could be sweeter than giving something personalized as a gift?

One of the easiest (and most delicious!) ways to incorporate ballerina baby shower ideas is through the dessert table. You can't go wrong with an eye-catching tiered cake decorated with ballet motifs like ballet slippers, tutus and adorable ballerinas. These can be made of fondant, or they can be piped on with different colors of frosting. If you want to try something a little less elaborate, you can consider trying cookies or cupcakes instead. Sugar cookies can be cut into any shape and decorated to look like anything you can dream up. You could even have a variety of cookies decorated with several different images that match your theme. Cupcakes can be made elegantly simple with pink or white frosting and sprinkles, or you can go the adventurous route and use fondant toppers in different styles. Can't decide which dessert to choose? Go ahead and choose them all. Design a full dessert table with your cake as the centerpiece and the other treats arranged on attractive platters or cake stands nearby. Consider other types of sweet bites, too, such as pink macarons, pink and white candy, and pink wafers. As long as they're tasty and fit your color scheme, you're good to go!

You can set the mood for the baby shower right off the bat by sending ballerina-themed invitations to all of the guests, then carry the fun right through to the end by sending the guests home with themed party favors! The size of the shower and the number of guests is a good guide for determining what sort of favor you'd like to provide. Favors you have to assemble yourself, such as mason jars prettied up with mini-tutus, dipped in glitter paint and filled with candy (in your theme's colors, of course!) might be better suited to smaller gatherings. If the task of assembling a crafty favor for every guest at a large party seems daunting, you can choose to buy favors and simply dress them up to add that homemade flair. Bottles of nail polish or bars of scented soap packaged in gift bags can be decorated with ballerina gift tags for a favor that is both fun to receive and easy to mass produce. You could also make your favors serve double-duty as decor. Try arranging them in the center of a table, or set one at each place setting for added charm.