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Travel Games That Kids Love

You’ve got all your luggage packed with the clothes you’ll need for your trip, including outfits and toiletries for the kids. But, packing clothes and personal care items is just one of the necessary steps to get ready for travel with kids in tow. It’s also important to bring snacks and come up with some activities you can do together or have the kids do alone so you can relax a little bit on your own.


Take Your Pick

The travel games for kids you choose may depend heavily on the type of travel you’re doing. On a car trip, you can engage kids with games that focus on the changing scenery and other cars on the road. If you’re flying on a plane, you can pack a deck of cards or a magnetic checkers set into your child’s backpack. Boat or train trips may allow your child to get up and walk around a bit or even play or a low-key game of hide and seek.

I Spy With My Little Eye…

I Spy is a classic game that’s suitable for almost any kind of travel. Though not ideal for plane travel while your belted in your seat and up in the air, it can be a good way of passing time in the airport. You can use the chairs in the airport, the scenery on the road or the features of the boat to drive the game through several rounds. If you’ve never played I Spy, it’s simple. One person starts by silently picking an object and then saying “I spy with my little eye” followed by a short description of the object, such as “something blue” for the sky. The other players then ask yes or no questions about the item’s features, narrowing down their options until they can correctly guess what the object is.

Keep It Simple

Games involving toys can be difficult to play while in transit, but there are some options that can work well. Magnetic games and puzzles are great options for solo play including magnetic checkers or magnetic paper dolls. Simple card games such as Go Fish or War are great for kids of all ages, and if you have more than one child, the kids can play together while you read or take a quick snooze. There are special go fish decks and other kid-friendly card games like crazy eights or rummy. These card decks can be easily packed inside your child’s carry-on luggage for easy transport.

Bring A Buddy

Although you may not be able to bring your child’s toy chest with you on your journey, you can still find ways to incorporate small toys into imaginative play that doesn’t involve staring at a screen. During the entire trip, from the moment you leave the house to the moment you get back home, you can incorporate your child’s favorite stuffed animal or other comfort toy into a fun travel game. Take pictures of the toy with famous landmarks and other sights you see on your travels to help your child remember the trip. You can even pack the toy a small travel bag of their own.

Add Some Education

A child who loves books may enjoy playing some word games, such as hangman and rhyming games. You can work with your child on travel-related vocabulary and give out small prizes when they get all the words right. Crossword puzzles and word search games can also be fun and even educational on the sly. Having your child associate reading and writing with a fun experience may be beneficial, too. Just pack a pencil or pen and a small notebook into your kid’s backpack or suitcase.

Lasting Lessons

Whether you’re going to the beach or are on a mission to visit family in a city, travel can be a trying experience for children and their parents. However, keeping children busy and entertained doesn’t have to be an expensive or even complicated endeavor. Helping your little ones realize that there are plenty of ways to pass the time, even when technology isn’t on hand, can be a beneficial life skill that will stick with them for years to come.