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Top 5 St. Patrick’s Day Games for Kids

Whether you trace your ancestry back to the Emerald Isle or appreciate Irish traditions, St. Patrick’s Day activities are a joy to celebrate with the entire family. Originally a religious holiday in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day became an American institution as Irish immigrants celebrated as a way to feel closer to their families and homeland. This year, don your favorite green garb, dance a lively jig and celebrate Irish culture with your children as you play these St. Patrick’s Day games for kids.

St. Patricks Day Games


Freeze Jig

Any Irish celebration is so much fun with some lively music and dancing, and this St. Patrick’s Day game for kids is simple enough that everyone in the family can join in. To play, move all the furniture to the edge of the room and have everyone spread out in the open area where they wait to hear traditional Irish tunes. As long as they’re hearing the music, the players show off their favorite jigs. When the music stops, everyone must freeze in position. The last person to freeze leaves the dance floor, and the jigs and music continue until one player remains.


Gold Coin Toss

Green may be the color of the day on March 17, but nothing sparkles like gold. This simple game gives kids a chance to show off their throwing skills. Place a pot or basket at one end of the yard or room and mark off a play line a few feet away. Let younger children toss chocolate coin candies from a spot closer to the pot, or add some excitement by having each child take one step back after successfully hitting the pot. The player with the most candies in the pot wins the game!


Gold Hunt

In Irish folklore, leprechauns store their gold at the end of the rainbow, and in this kids’ game for St. Patrick’s day, children get a chance to search for some leprechaun loot. First, hide treasures like candy, small toys or costume jewelry around the yard, house or neighborhood. Then, send the kids out to find them! This game is easy to modify so younger children can easily find items and older kids get to look in some creative spots, depending on where you hide each object.


Pot of Gold Relay

Kids of all ages can enjoy this racing game. The relay starts when one member of each team picks up a piece of butterscotch candy and drops it in a bucket at the other end of the play area. Challenge players to run backwards or hop to the other side to drop their candy in the bucket. The first team with all of their gold candy in the bucket wins.


Who’s the Leprechaun?

Taking on the classic game of “Simon Says” this St. Patty’s day is a great way to include children of all ages in the festivities. To play, choose someone to be “it” by drawing names from a hat. That person leaves the room while everyone else chooses someone to be the “leprechaun.” This chosen person starts dancing, and the rest of the room follows the moves. As soon as everyone is moving, the “it” person reenters and guesses who is the leprechaun.