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The Gang’s All Here: How to Throw a Co-ed Baby Shower

The arrival of a new baby is a big cause for celebration, and it’s also a great time to take a “the more, the merrier” approach to entertaining! Coed baby showers give everyone the opportunity to participate in the fun and celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new baby. These coed baby shower ideas from Pottery Barn Kids will help you ensure everyone has a great time.  


Keep It Casual

Elegant desserts arranged on three-tiered stands and beautifully decorated cupcakes offer memorable touches at a baby shower, but feel free to keep things relaxed if you’re planning on inviting a larger number of people. Finding a happy medium pays tribute to this memorable occasion and ensures everyone feels comfortable. If you have a big group coming in, keep your decorations and food options casual. It makes planning easier, and all your guests will help things feel festive no matter what!

Group-Friendly Decor

To honor both expectant parents, consider festive decor that appeals to everyone. Gender-neutral coed baby shower themes, like woodland animals and children’s book characters, offer a festive touch that all the guests are sure to love.

Incorporating gifts into the decor is engaging and thoughtful too. Consider asking your guests to bring a favorite children’s book that includes a personalized inscription for the baby. Display the books by placing them between bookends for the nursery – you can even set up a special table specifically for the books. The expectant parents will love this helpful gift, and the display promises to be a hotspot for conversation as guests enjoy seeing what everyone else brought.

Stuffed animals, toy blocks and wooden toys positioned on a table runner provide a festive centerpiece and ensure hours of playtime fun as the baby gets bigger.

Focusing on Food

Food sets a celebratory tone for the baby shower, too! Tasty, portable foods encourage your guests to mingle as they work their way around the room and enjoy the delicious spread and convivial conversation. Preparing a few different dishes ensures there’s something everyone enjoys. Are you planning on taking the party outside? Serving the celebratory meal on shatter-resistant earthenware dinner plates offers both beauty and durability. Here are some tasty food ideas everyone is certain to love:

  • Pulled pork sliders
  • Nacho/taco bar
  • Sub sandwiches
  • Cupcakes that fit the theme
  • Tea sandwiches
  • Mini quiches, spanakopita
  • Spicy Greek yogurt deviled eggs
  • Grilled veggie kebabs  


Baby showers can be a smashing success with or without games. As you’re planning, it’s a good idea to ask the expectant parents how they feel about games before deciding whether to incorporate them into the party. Coed baby shower games that include a physical activity where people play on teams are a great idea because they generate a relaxed atmosphere and loads of laughter. If you’re expecting sunny weather, playing games outside offers plenty of space where guests can feel free to cheer each other on. Here are a couple of game ideas to get your party going.  

Guess the Baby Pictures

Who’s who here? This guessing game gets party guests laughing and reminiscing together. A few weeks before the party, send out an email asking everyone to send back a scanned copy of one of their baby pictures. Print the photos out and arrange them on a colorful poster or stick them up on an open wall. Let everyone guess which pictured baby is which party guest, and see who gets the most answers correct!

Feed the Baby Game  


  • Blindfolds
  • Baby spoons
  • Applesauce
  • Large bibs  

How to play: This is a great game to play outdoors or on an easy-to-clean floor. Guests gather in teams of two. One team player wears a blindfold, and the other team player wears a bib. The blindfolded team player feeds the bibbed team player the applesauce. The team that finishes the applesauce first wins.

Don’t Say “Baby” Game

Keep a bowl of clothespins near the front door, and have guests each attach five pins to their shirts as they arrive. Let them know they should try to avoid saying the word “baby” throughout the party; otherwise, they’ll lose a pin if another guest catches them! At the end of the shower, the person with the most pins is the winner of this fun game that everyone can play throughout the entire event.


Party favors add fun to any baby shower. Personalized coasters, candles and magnets that include the baby’s due date are a great way to commemorate the occasion. Snacks also make excellent coed baby shower favors. Placing candy, trail mix or other treats in cloth napkins that are folded and pinned like diapers is a simple way to add festive flair to the occasion.

While the expectant parents are sure to receive lots of baby gifts, it’s always fun to give them a personalized party favor too. A picture frame for the baby’s first picture is a keepsake to treasure forever. Be sure to keep a camera on hand during the festivities, too – there will be plenty of memories made that the whole gang will cherish for years to come!

A shower doesn’t need to be complicated to be successful! Good food and good friends are the perfect combination for a memorable event to welcome a new baby.