The Best Materials for Kids Furniture

A child’s world is most functional when it’s filled with durable, kid-friendly furniture. As you build your child’s bedroom and play areas, it pays to consider which kids furniture materials work best for your little one’s needs, from canvas to wicker.


Plush Fabric

Just like their favorite stuffed animal, kids love soft fabrics when it comes to furniture. A cozy, soft chair is the perfect accessory for any child’s bedroom or playroom. Plush fabric furniture is safe, comfortable and lightweight, making it easy for your child to drag around on a whim. Whether they’re sitting calmly or bouncing around with joy, a plush fabric furniture piece is ready to bend and support as needed.

Painted Wood

From a crib to a playroom table, painted wood is a great choice for kids rooms. Not only is it sturdy and reliable, painted wood is also stylish for the perfect blend of form and function. Whether you’re opting for pastels or darker, bolder colors such as navy blue or red, a painted wood furniture piece is a great foundation that stands the test of time. In addition to providing strength and style, painted wood is very easy to maintain. Whether you’ve got a little one going full Picasso with her first set of crayons or a certain little someone spilled, painted wood wipes clean quite easily. That’s especially important for your kids’ playroom.


Thanks to its lightweight construction and classic style, wicker is a great material for kids furniture, particularly for storage items and other pieces your child is likely to interact with directly on a regular basis. Some elements of your child’s room, such as a storage basket or a toy chest, are most kid-friendly when they’re easy for small hands and young arms to lift. Wicker furniture fits this bill perfectly while also providing a durable construction that’s known to stand up well in the face of heavy use.


Similarly, canvas makes a great choice for storage pieces that may occasionally need some cleaning. Canvas lined baskets, bins and trays are perfect from the nursery on through the teen years, making them versatile and reusable at every stage of your kid’s life. You can even opt to combine canvas and wicker for a lined storage basket combo that’s both lightweight and strong with the added bonus of being easy to clean. Stick these baskets onto bookshelves and inside dresser or nightstand drawers for versatile organization that your kids can easily interact with on their own.

Upholstered Wood

While we’re on the subject of combining kid-friendly materials, why not blend the strong foundation of wood with the soft plushness of fabric? Upholstered furniture, from fabric-covered headboards to plush kid-sized lounge furniture, is sophisticated in its style and comfortable while in use. Even adults love the blend of snuggly comfort and polished design that upholstered wooden furniture provides, making this type of furniture a true winner at any age. Choose upholstered furniture with an especially plush finish, focusing on fabrics like chenille and washable velvet to make your child’s world extra soft and welcoming.