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Tasty & Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for kids to enjoy a time of love and appreciation through flowers, hearts and even a delicious treat, or two. These Valentine’s Day recipes from Pottery Barn Kids add some extra fun and excitement to the holiday and are as easy to make as they are enjoyable! They’re also the perfect gift for friends, family or even your child’s teacher at school!


Cute Cookie Pops

These easy-to-eat treats are quick to make and fun to decorate. Your child will love how sweet and delicious they are, and they’re so quick to make too.


  • Candy melts or melting chocolate in white, red and/or pink
  • Sandwich cookies
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Valentine’s Day sprinkles
  • Red, pink or white icing
  • Disposable piping or sandwich bags
  • Wax paper
  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Scissors

Step 1: Prep

Doing a little prep work beforehand makes this recipe even easier. Start by placing some of your candy melts in your microwave-safe bowl and melt them according to the package instructions. While they’re melting, tear off a length of wax paper and get your cookies and lollipop sticks unpackaged. Stir your candy melts so they have a smooth, liquid consistency. Then, dip one end of each lollipop stick into the melted candy and insert that end into the cream or frosting part of the sandwich cookie to create a sturdy dipping handle. Leave the cookies to set on the wax paper and put your icing into your piping or sandwich bags. Use a pair of scissors to create a small opening at one corner of each.

Step 2: Dip

Now it’s time to bring your child in to make and decorate the cookie pops! Melt larger portions of the candy melts and help your little one dip the cookies one by one into the melted candy. Submerge the cookies, then pull them out and place them flat on the wax paper.

Step 3: Decorate

Have sprinkles at the ready once the cookies come out of their melted candy bath. Your child can add sprinkles or tiny candies to each cookie before the candy coating hardens, and once the candy coating dries, you can add the icing for a festive pop of color!. You can also use the icing to personalize the pops with an initial if you’re planning to give them out to friends, putting a name or first initial on each cookie pop’s front side. Whether you make them with your child or create them on your own, this simple treat is such a delight.

Mini Cupid’s Arrow Kabobs

The iconic image of Cupid’s arrow makes for a cute and healthy holiday treat. These small snacks are perfect for your child’s lunch bag on Valentine’s Day.


  • Mini heart-shaped cookie or bento cutters
  • Small bamboo, plastic or wooden skewers
  • Cheese, veggies, meat and fruit of your choice
  • Knife or mini triangle cookie cutters
  • Optional: Scissors, craft paper and non-toxic glue

Step 1: Choose Your Combos

This Valentine’s Day recipe is versatile and can accommodate all sorts of snack variations, so feel free to sub in all of your little one’s favorites! To begin, choose a food that’s flat and sturdy like cheddar cheese, marinated tofu, hot dog pieces, carrots, bell peppers, apples, zucchini or melon. Think about choosing foods that will hold their shape and will taste great together. Prep your ingredients as needed, taking care to make slices thick enough to accommodate your cookie cutter.

Step 2: Cut Your Shapes

Cut heart shapes out of the food pieces and assemble the cut-outs in groups according to the combinations you and your child have dreamed up. Create a finishing touch for your arrow picks by cutting triangle shapes to serve as the arrow head for each skewer.

Step 3: Create Your Arrows

Prep your skewers or picks by adding some arrow feathers to one end. You can use craft paper and glue to do this, or you can use the triangle cutter to make V-shapes with some of the food pieces. Then assemble and decorate the arrows by adding your cutout heart shapes and the triangles (from the above step) to the ends, arranging them so everything lays flat on the skewer. These also look great on a party platter if you’re planning to have guests over!