Surprisingly Sweet: Baby Shower Candy Buffet Ideas

When you’re hosting a baby shower, including a candy buffet promises to make the event even more fun for everyone! This sweet spot is certain to draw guests as they marvel at the delicious treats. Are you wondering how to make a candy buffet? Here are some ideas from Pottery Barn Kids that are sure to make your party a scrumptious success.


Blend Your Candy Buffet with Your Theme

Blending your candy buffet into the shower’s theme creates a bright, cohesive look. Selecting candies that are variations of the same colors you’re using in the baby shower decorations pulls the look together, too. If your shower color is pink, choosing pastel pink, fuchsia and magenta treats creates depth and ensures you have plenty of options when you’re shopping. Including white and silver candy is a great idea for upping the opulence. There are plenty of options that work with a blue theme, gender-neutral decor or other pops of color. A rainbow-themed party with a spread that mimics the colors spread across a long table is upbeat and bold.

Selecting Containers

When selecting containers, it helps to keep a few factors in mind. Consider how you’d like your guests to serve themselves. Narrow candy buffet jars might not accommodate scoops, but may pour easily. Wider, shallow containers may be easier to reach into, which is great for wrapped candy and little hands that want to grab a few pieces. Clear glass jars are beautiful, but feel free to explore alternatives that mesh well with your theme. If you’re hosting a vintage shower, decorative galvanized buckets and pots offer a homespun feel. Or, to dress containers up, how about adding ribbons, flowers and other embellishments like burlap bands and lace? Containers to consider:

  • Mason jars
  • Fishbowls in various sizes
  • Flower vases
  • Beach buckets and pails
  • Vintage serving bowls

Selecting the Baby Shower Candy  

When you’re estimating how much candy you need, figure between 4 and 6 ounces per guest. Selecting 5 to 10 types of candies ensures there are plenty of treats and gives your candy buffet visual variety. An assortment of goodies such as chocolates, jelly beans, licorice and yogurt-covered pretzels ensures guests will find a treat they love and can help accommodate those with allergies. You can also include baked goods such as cupcakes, cookies or cake pops for even more variation.

Arranging the Table

If you don’t have a buffet table, don’t worry! Most candy buffet tables are covered with tablecloths, so any table choices will work. If you’re planning an intimate occasion with close friends and family, a child’s table that has “grow with you” legs allows plenty of space to mingle. A simple way to add dimension to your table is to place sturdy boxes, books or short stools on the table for height variety and then cover the entire surface with a tablecloth.

Adding decorative touches to your buffet provides visual interest and balances a larger table. When selecting your baby shower table decorations, feel free to be innovative. Placing a string of lights under your tablecloth provides a luminous glow and adds a sense of magic to your display. A children’s teapot on the top tier of a cupcake stand is fanciful and unexpected.

Do the expectant parents already know what they’re naming the baby? Placing a personalized snow globe on an elevated surface thoughtfully pays tribute to the baby and is sure to look beautiful in the nursery. A stuffed animal positioned on the back of the table is also a sweet, charming touch.

When you’re designing the layout, doing a test run a few days before the celebration leaves you with plenty of time to find the arrangement you love. Play around with the table, containers and decorations (there’s no need to use the candy for this yet!). Once you’ve found the ideal arrangement, taking pictures allows you to easily set up the table on the day of the shower.  

Incorporating Your Buffet into the Party

Serving your treats on small white plates complements any table and offers an elegant look. Scoops are ideal serving tools for bulk candy, and selecting scoops that complement the size of your containers ensures guests can serve themselves with ease. Tongs are excellent tools for picking up pastries and large treats with which guests might prefer one or two items. Wrapped candies and treats with sticks like lollipops typically don’t require serving utensils. Are children attending the celebration? They’ll love making multiple trips to this magical table. Child-friendly plates with raised edges come in handy. Are you sending your guests home with some goodies? Personalized bags celebrate the coming of the new baby and provide a thoughtful touch.

If you’re looking for some homemade desserts to complement your candy buffet, caramel candy apples, brownie bites, cake pops and truffles are sure to be crowd pleasers. While desserts that complement the candy buffet’s color palette offer added beauty, feel free to move to other colors. After all, homemade treats artfully wrapped are stunning in any hue and flavor!

After the party is over, cleanup should be a snap. Dishwasher friendly serveware ensures items are easy to clean. Storing your treats in sealed storage containers ensures everything stays fresh. Pack the guest of honor up with gifts and goodies for later, and of course wonderful memories!