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Springtime Rainy Day Activities for Kids

The gentle breezes and mild temperatures of spring are a beautiful segue from cold winter days to warm summer afternoons. This changing weather also brings springtime showers that help plants grow. Take advantage of a rainy day to spend some time with the kids and enjoy indoor fun. These kid-friendly rainy day games from Pottery Barn Kids promise plenty of fun for the whole family!


Indoor Treasure Hunt

To set up the game, hide a special treat – like a small toy or a piece of candy – somewhere in the house. Then write clues on pieces of paper directing the kids to find the hidden treasure. Each clue takes them a step closer to the prize. For older children, you can write the clues as riddles that they must solve before they can get to the next clue, or you could even compose your clues as rhymes!

Camp in the Great Indoors

This classic rainy day activity – turning the living room into a campsite – is plenty of fun for kids of all ages. Set up small tents around the room or make your own special tent fort by draping sheets over the couch. Fill the tent with sleeping bags and give everyone a flashlight to use when the sun goes down. Make some camp food – hot dogs, s'mores and sandwiches – and enjoy an indoor picnic before sharing some stories and singing songs.

Hold a Family Film Festival

Rainy days and movies go hand in hand, so make the most of the weather by hosting a film festival in the TV room. Choose a theme for the day and let each person in the house pick out a film that fits the theme. Set up everyone's favorite snacks, grab some cozy blankets and pillows, and settle in on the sofa to enjoy the flicks.

Paper Airplane Relays

This activity lets the kids get excited about their science skills. Make paper airplanes using different types of paper in the house – like computer paper, old mail, magazines and newspaper. Set up a play area in the living room or family room and mark the start line at one end of the room. The kids can take turns flying their planes, measuring the distance each one travels to see which type of paper works best.

Bake Some Tasty Treats

Head to the kitchen on a rainy day to whip up a batch of comfort in the form of cookies, quick bread or soft pretzels. This is an ideal time to help kids learn how to work in the kitchen and even practice math basics by measuring and mixing ingredients. When everything is all baked up, you all can set the table and invite everyone to an afternoon tea party.

Board Game Tournament

Classic board games are great indoor activities for a rainy day, so why not have some old-school, tournament-style fun? Let each person in the family choose a game. Then, set up the tournament board with the name of the game and spots for the first, second and third place winners for each game. Give the tournament winner a special prize – like an IOU, toy or candy – and hold an award ceremony at the end of the day.