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Rainy Day Cooking Projects for Kids

What’s more fun than whipping up a delicious dish or exciting craft in the kitchen on a rainy day? Have some fun cooking with kids in the kitchen and use those drizzly days to create some culinary masterpieces. Plus, cooking with your little ones is an ideal time to have some bonding and learning time. There are many easy recipes for snacks, treats and crafts that allow you to have fun without the sun!

play kitchen

Make Breakfast Shine

Cheer up your child or a sleepover’s worth of kids on a rainy morning with some DIY action. Set out individual bowls of items like chopped fruit, raisins and chocolate chips available where kids can spoon out a portion of each onto their plates. Make pancakes for each child and let them use the fruit, berries and other smaller foods to create faces or pictures on their pancakes.

Home Made Play Dough Rocks

It might not be edible, but the kitchen is still the best place to make this dough! Mix up a batch of homemade dough for rolling and shaping into all sorts of fun items. Kids can store this craft dough in plastic tubs or bags to re-use it or let pieces harden into fake biscuits and other food for their kids play kitchens. One of the easiest two-ingredient dough recipes is great for older kids. Use a few small scoops of cornstarch mixed with a squirt or two of tempura paint. Keep kneading the mixture in the bowl until the cornstarch absorbs all of the paint. If the mixture is dry, gradually add more paint one squirt at a time. If it’s too wet, add more cornstarch.

Create Savory Tea Party Fare

Kids often associate cookies or cake with tea parties, and savory finger foods are another fun and easy recipe to add to the rotation. “Ants on a Log” is a kid-friendly favorite, and the steps are easy! You can portion cleaned celery into 4" sections, and kids can fill the inside ridges with cream cheese or peanut butter. Then, they can add raisins on top as the ants.

Another savory favorite is baby carrots with yogurt dip that kids can make themselves, or individual pizzas kids can garnish with all of their favorite toppings. Mashed-potato and baked-potato bars are also fun. Let kids add cheese, veggies, chili and bacon bits to their white or sweet potatoes.

Make Lunch More Inspiring

Cool finger sandwiches shaped like trains, animals and other favorite things are always a hit on rainy days or in the lunchbox. Plus, they’re easy to make with stainless-steel sandwich cutters in fun shapes. Break out your favorite holiday cookie cutters and use them to make shapes out of brownies, bar cookies and rolled sugar-cookie dough, too!

Encourage Budding Chefs

If you have kids who love to cook, use a rainy day to help them learn their measurements. Let kids use grownup measuring cups and spoons to see how many cups their own toy pots and bowls hold, or use cup measures, pie pans and measuring spoons to teach older kids about fractions.

Have some Toddler Fun

Mix up a batch of toddler finger paint that’s non-toxic and fun to smear on big sheets of butcher paper or finger paint paper. Heat 4 1/2 cups water until boiling. While it heats, stir together 2 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup of cold water in a large bowl. Add the boiling water 1 cup at a time to the cornstarch mixture and stir thoroughly after adding each cup. Keep stirring as it melts. Once cool, pour into individual baby food jars or individual cups and dye with drops of food coloring until you have the colors you want. Add more cornstarch to thicken the paint. Your toddler will enjoy painting at the craft table, and you’ll enjoy knowing their materials are safe and homemade!

Cook for a Beloved Character

If your child admires an action figure, athlete or book character, spend a rainy day cooking up some of their hero’s favorite foods. Or, help a child decorate a cake that highlights one of the themes of a favorite book or show. These activities get kids’ creative juices flowing and help them practice new skills. Reading and following recipes, using fine motor skills to decorate their cake and communicating their ideas to you are all activities that help kids with schoolwork. Plus, it will keep your family’s spirits high on a dreary day.