Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Kids love to play. Playing encourages creative thinking, imagination and social skills. Plus, it’s just plain fun! There’s no reason to let a little rain dampen your child’s spirits since there are plenty of fun things to do inside. Check out Pottery Barn Kids’ list of rainy day activities for kids to get some awesome inspiration for playtime. Youngster will have fun and stay entertained while you keep busy with your to-do list. And later, you can have some quality time together as a family, too.

kids playing with blocks

Singing in the Rain

Pop out the karaoke machine or hook up your laptop and let kids belt out their favorite tunes. They’ll have tons of fun pretending to be rock stars making up their own lyrics. Even better; join them on a backup mic – or a pretend one from the kitchen!

Family Game Time

A favorite board game is always a winner when it comes to fun things to do inside on a rainy day. Kids love throwing dice, moving pawns around and winning goodies. No matter what game you play together, you can be sure they’ll have huge smiles on their faces.

Make One Up!

When it comes to games, it’s so much fun to use your imagination and create your own. Some fun options for youngsters involve drawing pictures and getting people to guess what they are. Instead of forming teams, act as a moderator – you whisper the clues to the artist – and let everyone guess. The person who wins draws next. Want an even more exciting variation? Use clay instead of a notebook and watch kids sculpt dogs, dinosaurs and more.

Camping Under the Chandelier

When you can’t pitch tents outside, take them inside. Invite your child’s closest friends for an inside campout complete with sleeping bags, teepees, stovetop s’mores and flashlights to play with. When it’s nap time, you can tell a campfire story or read a favorite book.

This Is Nacho Cheese

A make-your-own snack bar is lots of fun for kids – and adults, too – on a rainy day inside. All you need is to prep the toppings and then have children create their own nachos. Bake them up before relaxing on the floor and watching a favorite movie.

Called on Account of Rain

Children love releasing pent-up energy, but you might want to avoid tossing balls around the house or riding bikes indoors. Instead, switch-out sports balls for balloons, stretch some string across the hallway for a makeshift volleyball match or fill the playroom with balloons and let them create their own rules.

A Gifted Nose

You can’t go wrong with painting activities on a rainy day, and you don’t have to stick to a paintbrush! Kids have fingers, toes, hands, elbows, feet and noses that are just waiting to express themselves. Here’s what you need for an afternoon of artistic creativity: a large water-resistant surface like a table or tile floor; a protective barrier – newspapers, cardboard and old magazines work great; large sheets of white paper’ clothes that are OK for messy moments; different colors of finger paint; paper plates for mixing colors and water for washing off fingers and toes.

If you want to make things even more creative, try using different types of “brushes.” Oranges cut in half, sponges, toothbrushes and almost anything else all add a special touch to your child’s artwork. After a little bit of drying time, it’s ready to display on the fridge!

Rain Dance

Crank up the tunes. Children love dancing to popular rhythms, and they have a lot of fun doing it. Remember your camera! With some soft Anywhere Chairs®, it’s safe to play musical chairs even if the competition gets a little heated.

Button Up Your Jewelry

If you have a huge jar of buttons in different sizes, shapes, styles and colors, this is a great way to use some of them. Colorful macaroni and large beads are great, too. For this craft, you’ll need string, large blunt-tipped needles – depending on children’s ages – and room to work. Spread the container upside down and let their imaginations run wild. Don’t be surprised if they make you a present at the same time.