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Pull Out the Rubber Ducky: Baby Bath Time Essentials

Your baby’s first bath is guaranteed to be an exciting experience. Fortunately, there are several baby bath time essentials you can have on hand to prepare for the occasion. Life happens fast once you bring your newborn home, so it’s helpful to have all the essentials stocked and ready prior to their arrival. Ensuring you have these things on hand for the first bath will make the process even easier!


The Absolute Essentials

Because newborns can’t yet lift their heads up on their own, it’s important to invest in a small infant tub. Bathe your baby wherever you feel comfortable – most of these modern, portable tubs can go directly in the bottom of your bathtub or fit in your kitchen sink. While your baby is small, it may be easier on your back to place the portable tub in the sink. Another item to have for the first few baths is a hooded towel and a handful of washcloths. When you’re done with the bathing, wrap the towel around the baby, being sure to place their head in the hood for warmth. You can keep baby soap and shampoo on hand, but you probably won’t need much shampoo at the beginning. You may have received some baby bath products as gifts from your baby shower, but you may want to consider hypo-allergenic, scent-free soaps and shampoos until you’re absolutely sure your newborn doesn’t have any allergies.

Other Baby Bath Essentials

As babies get older and can sit up on their own, you can retire the portable infant tub. However, it’s a great idea to have a low, open-styled basket on hand to use for bath time. The holes on the sides allow water to come in, but the walls keep your baby – and all their bath time toys – safely secure inside.

Bring on the Toys

Other bath time essentials to keep on hand are the fun ones – toys! Once your baby can sit up a little bit, you can start introducing toys in the tub. It’s a good idea to have a few bath books on hand, as well as some squirt toys. Other great ideas for tub time include boats, water wheels and other games. When toddlers start using markers and crayons, bathtub markers are also a fun idea. Choose a way to organize your collection of bath toys. Look for mold-proof netting that has suction cups to hang in the bath area, or a behind-the-door option to ensure that toys can completely dry after bath time. Plus, you’ll want to clean all bath toys on a regular basis.

Grooming Essentials

When your baby is still an infant, you won’t need grooming essentials until a few weeks after they’re born. Opt for an infant-sized nail clipper to take care of growing nails. Some parents are more comfortable using an emery board to file them down – it’s completely up to you. You’ll also want to get a small hair brush and comb. If your baby has curly or long hair, give it a quick comb before and after a bath to prevent tangles. Baby lotion and baby oil are sometimes nice to have on hand, however, they’re not essential.