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Party Planning: Hosting Your Baby Shower or Sprinkle  

Showering parents with gifts isn’t limited to their first baby! Throwing a sprinkle baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate a second or later baby with less formality and just as much love as a traditional baby shower. Regardless of which celebration you’re planning, your event is sure to be a hit with some of these baby shower and baby sprinkle ideas from Pottery Barn Kids.  


Gathering the Guests

The guest list for baby sprinkles usually involves close family and friends, whereas showers tend to be larger events. Want to include the guys? Co-ed baby showers and sprinkles are a wonderful way to let everyone share in the excitement of the new baby’s arrival. While it’s customary to send out invitations for baby showers, baby sprinkle invitations are usually less formal. A celebratory email inviting close friends and family ensures everyone knows the date and location of the celebration, and it’s simple to click to R.S.V.P.  

To Theme or Not to Theme?  

Just like baby showers, sprinkles can include a fun theme that ties everything together. If you’re throwing a co-ed baby shower or sprinkle (or aren’t sure what the parents are having), gender- neutral themes such as storybook characters, children’s movies and animals appeal to everyone. Are young children coming to the event? A vintage circus theme featuring monkeys, giraffes and lions celebrates the new baby and delights guests of all ages. It’s quite alright to forego a theme, too. You can make things as simple as having a unifying color scheme, like traditional pinks and blues, the favorite sports’ team colors of the parents-to-be, seasonal pastels or a beautiful shade of winter white.  

Double-duty Decorations

While baby showers frequently feature elaborate decorations, like balloons, flowers and streamers, baby sprinkle decorations often serve dual purposes. Decorations that double as gifts or food are engaging and equally enjoyable at both events. For example, baby blankets and bath wraps rolled up to look like animals are both festive and sure to keep the baby cozy. A diaper bag or tote filled with items such as diapers, bottles, teethers and toys serves as a creative centerpiece and will come in handy on a daily basis later on when the baby arrives.

Are the expectant parents decorating the new baby’s nursery? Decorative garland made of soft fabrics draped along the wall offers an inviting look at the celebration and afterwards in the nursery. Sculptural wall art intricately shaped like a playful animal complements the festive mood of the party and adds charm to any nursery months later.

Planning the Menu  

One enjoyable part of any gathering is mingling over food and drinks. Baby showers often feature meals. Meat and cheese platters combined with croissants and salads are choices that appeal to a wide variety of guests and are easy to serve. Baby sprinkles tend to be low-key affairs, and light snacks and sweets maximize the mingling and keep the prep simple and stress-free.

If younger children are attending the party, consider having some kid-friendly plates and cups on hand to ensure they’re comfortable. Will the kids be playing outside? Serving children’s snacks such as fish-shaped crackers, fruit and yogurt-covered pretzels in child-friendly containers with lids allows children to take their snacks outside while they run around and play.  

Games to Add Laughter and Activity  

Baby shower and baby sprinkle games can make the mood even more exciting. It’s a good idea to ask the expectant parents how they feel about games before deciding. Physical games, where guests team up and engage in activities like racing to diaper a baby doll while blindfolded, are sure to generate laughter and a relaxed atmosphere. Parents, including the guests of honor at a sprinkle, always appreciate having some special events pre-arranged for children. Activities like making cards for the baby with arts and craft supplies helps the children to contribute to the celebration. When it’s time to go outside and let off some steam, a supply of bubbles and bubble wands encourages children to run and play.

Hosting a baby shower or sprinkle is easy when you have a plan in place! Celebrating the new baby and parents is the most important part of your event, and everyone is sure to love the memories made at this festive get-together.