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Party Ideas to Make a Christmas Birthday Special

There’s no reason why a birthday that falls near or on Christmas can’t be absolutely spectacular. Kids are sometimes sad about a birthday that comes too close to Christmas. In those cases, emphasize the fact that it’s a double celebration with double the gifts (and double the fun). There are a few ideas to help the process be a little more stress-free on the parents―everything from postponing the party to picking a non-holiday theme, so you dazzle your little one instead of disappointing him or her at birthday time. 



This idea sounds a little far-fetched but, explained the right way, your kid is sure to love it. Some households have a tendency to celebrate half-birthdays if the birthday is too close to the holiday (like on December 26, for example). While you are likely to able to give your little one all of the birthday attention he or she deserves the day after Christmas, it is likely that friends―and friends’ parents―may not be able to so close to the holidays. Instead, have a small, intimate birthday celebration on the actual birthday, but have the blowout bash on June 26 instead. This way, your little one has something to look forward to right when school lets out, and his or her friends are much more likely to attend a party. If you must have the party right around the holidays, it’s paramount to plan months ahead and give parents plenty of notice so that they are able to plan their holidays around the birthday as well (two months’ notice is recommended). 


While it is tempting to have a winter or holiday theme for your child’s birthday party in December, skip it. Instead, choose something out of the ordinary, like a luau in December or a camping or beach party indoors. This puts separation between the winter holidays and your child’s birthday. If you’re able to, turn your mudroom or enclosed porch into a beach party zone for the day. This no-holiday zone also goes for food as well. Opt for fun options like pizza,  chicken wings and a birthday cake instead. 


When sending invitations, you want them to stand out from among Christmas and holiday cards. It’s a good idea to include the birthday theme on the outside of the envelope so the invite doesn’t get tossed into a pile of Christmas cards. When it comes to wrapping paper, it seems easy enough to use a little bit of holiday paper, but make sure the theme is birthday all around. In addition, if there are other children in the home, skip the joint presents on the actual birthday. This is your birthday kid’s day to shine, so help make him or her feel special with solo gifts. It’s also a good idea to avoid two-for-one gifts. Therefore, don’t buy one large, expensive gift with the notion that it’s for both Christmas and the birthday. Pick separate gifts for the different occasions to help make your child feel more special. Have a Christmas-free Zone If possible, have the party in an area or room of your home that hasn’t been decked out for the holidays, so it’s truly a birthday zone. If this isn’t possible and space is a problem, rent a place that offers birthday parties year round. Bounce houses, pizza places and other spots might be great choices to hold a party. Consider one that allows you to decorate the space yourself, allowing you to concentrate solely on birthday decorations and leave the Christmas decor at home.