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Organizing Tips for New Parents  

With a little careful planning, your new life with your baby will run like a well-oiled machine. From thoughtful nursery organization to prep for daytime outings, we have some great ideas to keep your family organized year-round as your child starts to grow.  


Changing Table Organization  

Accessibility is more than helpful in this area of your nursery. Have a clear organization plan to keep the most important materials, including diapers, wipes and ointments, within arm’s reach. An open-shelving system can hold a few easy-to-reach baskets, including a small basket of your baby’s favorite toys when a happy distraction might be necessary. A small wall organizer can hold a few small books or a couple of easily grabbed diapers when space is at a premium. Be sure to include an extra set of clothes and keep the diaper pail nearby your well-organized changing table.  

Nursery Closet Organization  

A nursery closet full of tiny clothes can hold even more underneath your standard closet rod. Squeeze in a low cube organizer, bookcase or rolling cart for toddler-sized storage that keeps toys neat and books easy to grab. Add a large basket for quick storage for outgrown clothing, and take advantage of overhead shelving to stock extra diapers, wipes or nursery essentials. A flexible hanging or built-in shelving unit can make organizing by size, clothing type or season quick and easy.  

Portable Organizers

Design a flexible, portable organizer that you can keep in other rooms of your home. It'll help you store some necessities close at hand outside the nursery. Choose a variety of handled baskets and caddies that you can easily tote from room to room. Store a few changing supplies, teething toys, lotions or books within the small caddy to keep your home organized and ready for your baby’s needs.  

Entryway Organization  

It's easy to enjoy every outing when you have effective storage for essentials near the door. A pretty chalkboard hung in the entryway can remind you of the day’s activities or list the must-haves that you need to bring along with you. Store extra diapers, a change of clothing and a handful of toys near the door to pick up on your way out. In cooler seasons, keep coats, hats, gloves and blankets in a large basket ready to go. In the summer, switch to a basket with sunscreen, hats and towels. Add an extra basket for your essentials, such as wallets, sunglasses or keys, to keep everyone ready on time.  

Diaper Bag Organization  

An organized diaper bag is key for planning a successful trip out. Keep your bag stocked and ready with essentials like diapers, bottles, burp cloths and a change of outfits, among other items you'll need in the car or while running errands. Then rotate its contents seasonally. Special trips might require extra gear, snacks or medications, so maintaining a solid base can free up your planning time when you're packing for the day. Keep insulated bags for temperature-sensitive bottles near the refrigerator so they’re easy to pack when you’re ready to go. Use the entryway organization system to stock rotating essentials close at hand. A well-organized home can help your whole family feel prepared for the day.