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Mommy to Bee: Bumble Bee Baby Shower Ideas

Enjoy the fun of throwing a mommy to bee baby shower and make it easy for everyone to celebrate the buzz. Send out bee invitations ahead of time to buzz about the bee theme. Set the scene for the party by planning ways to incorporate the bee theme so it complements your decor. Prepare plenty of sweet and colorful bee-themed food, plan a few buzz-themed baby shower games and pick plates and drinking cups that feature a bee theme, too. Then, add yellow and black party favors like balloons, streamers and a sparkling tiara for the queen bee!


Bumble Bee Baby Shower Decorations 

The party decorations provide a great opportunity for you to have fun and unleash your creativity. Spread out yellow table coverings and add black table runners or some dark brown streamers across the table. Add a big paper bee, tissue-paper honeycomb or floral centerpiece with pompom bees on wire sticking out of the foliage. Set out a display of yellow and black balloons anchored by a decorative baby basket, and put bee decorations on the shelves of your bookcases or counters. For added buzz, include bee print or yellow and black paper plates, napkins, cups and flatware to make mealtime part of the decor. 

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Food

Because this is a bee party, why not start with the sweet treats? If the mommy to bee prefers cupcakes, make each one look like its own beehive with a happy smiling bee sitting on top. Or, create layers of banana pudding and crushed chocolate cookies in clear dessert cups to resemble a bee's stripes. Choose decorated cookies that look like flowers that would attract any honeybee. For something on the savory side, make a few containers of cheesy bees. To create them, cut cheddar cheese slices into small circles and slice up a summer sausage or pepperoni stick. Place the meat stripes across the cheese, and perch each bee on a cracker or thin baguette slice.

Bee Baby Shower Games

No shower is complete without a game or two! To get your guests up and moving, adapt a version of pin the tail on the donkey: pin the stinger on the bee. Instead of a donkey picture, use a big picture of a bee, and instead of a tail, use a pointy stinger. If no bee posters are on hand in your art collection, simply draw a large bee on a piece of poster board that's thick enough to protect your walls from thumbtacks. Cut long stingers out of craft felt. Whoever stings the bee in the tail area is the winner!

Plan some word games and reward the winners with sweet gifts to keep the party going, keeping with the mommy to bee theme by adding yellow and black honeycomb borders to quizzes and word games. Choose a theme like “What's in your purse?” and assign points for each item, with the highest points going to the most unusual things. Scramble the letters in the names of baby care items and let everyone unscramble them. Or, for a slightly longer shower game, plan a round of baby shower bingo on cards printed with yellow and black squares labeled with baby supplies instead of numbers.

Bee Baby Shower Ideas for Gifts

It's a fun idea to have some gift ideas ready to give as a group to the mommy to bee. You can also keep them on hand to reduce prep time prior to the party. Even if the new mommy hasn't set up a registry, there are certain items that always make great baby shower gifts. First-time mommies might need some bigger items, like strollers, car seats and baby furniture. Items like diapers, bath towels, newborn clothes and bedding are always useful, and having plenty of these items makes the first few months of motherhood easier for the new mom and the entire family. Diaper bags, wipes, and feeding supplies are also always welcome gift items, and if the mother or father have a favorite movie icon or superhero, themed gifts are fun options, too!