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Little Peanut Baby Shower Ideas

Do you know a parent who’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little peanut? Throw them a Little Peanut-themed baby shower! Let Pottery Barn Kids walk you through some of the essential points to hit for this super-cute shower theme, from peanutty snacks to decorations that emphasize adorable elephant elements with a few peanut touches here and there.

Decoration Inspiration

Because peanuts themselves aren’t necessarily the most beautiful legume on the planet, many Little Peanut baby shower decorations focus on elephants rather than peanuts. You can use elephant cutouts and carry the motif throughout the party space by using gray as your foundation color. This gives you the opportunity to make the party look adorable, but that doesn’t mean you must dispense with peanuts entirely.

Little hints of peanut shapes here and there among the elephants and classic baby shower elements like balloons and tissue paper pom poms will go a long way. For example, you can use whole in-shell peanuts as vase fillers for centerpiece displays on your tables. Use a large vase with a smaller vase inside, putting water and flower stems into the smaller interior vase and filling the larger external vase with peanuts. That way, your peanuts won’t get soggy.

Elevated Peanut Snacks

Of course, opting for elephants over peanuts won’t work when it comes to the food for your party. Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic peanut-themed snacks you can provide for your guests, and we’re not just talking the classic lunchtime favorite of peanut butter and jelly. One crowd-pleasing choice is a platter or two of Thai-influenced satay skewers with peanut sauce. To make them, soak some bamboo skewers in water, then thread on thin cuts of chicken breast, steak strips, marinated tofu cubes or shrimp. Season with salt, pepper and yellow curry powder, then grill until done. Serve with a bowl of Thai peanut sauce for dipping. You can mix up your own by combining ingredients such as peanut butter, coconut milk, lime juice and a dash of soy sauce, or you can buy a bottled sauce to save some time and energy.

For dessert, branch out beyond packaged peanut-shaped cookies and make three-dimensional peanut-inspired cake pops. Start by baking a cake (any flavor will do, and you can use a mix if you’d like). Gluten-free or vegan varieties will work, as well. Just make sure you have plenty to go round!

After your cake has cooled, go ahead and incorporate some canned frosting in the flavor of your choice plus some creamy peanut butter. The mixture should be able to hold together and form into dense balls. Roll the balls with your hands and place them onto a lined cookie sheet. Pop this into the freezer to let the balls solidify. After about an hour, take the balls out of the freezer and stick two together onto a lollipop stick. Use your fingers to shape them to look more like a peanut. Return to the cookie sheet and put them back into the freezer for another hour or two. You don’t want them to freeze solid, but they’ll be easier to work with this way.

While the cake balls are freezing, prep the rest of your ingredients. You’ll want to use candy melts to create the exterior peanut shell and coating for your cake balls. You can either use white candy melts dyed with food coloring or mix different colors like brown, white, yellow and orange to achieve a peanut-inspired color. Dip your frozen cake balls into the melted candy and let harden, then use a piping bag filled with a slightly darker candy melt mix to pipe on a grid that looks like the texture on a peanut shell.

You can serve these cake pop treats during the party, or individually wrap them to serve as Little Peanut baby shower favors. If you use them as favors, wrap the pops with cellophane and use a cute ribbon to close it. Attach a little elephant-and-peanut themed gift tag that includes the baby’s name and the date of the event.