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Let’s Get Wild: Jungle-Themed Baby Shower

If you and your friends are wild with excitement over the arrival of a baby, it’s time to celebrate! Throwing a baby shower is always a fun and special way to acknowledge this wonderful event, and it’s bound to be even better with an exciting theme to take it to the next level. And since you are going wild, why not have a jungle safari baby shower theme? Here are several jungle baby shower ideas from Pottery Barn Kids to get you started.


It’s a Jungle in There

As you begin planning the baby shower, you can utilize standard party decorations in a way that evokes the feel and mood of a jungle in your party space. You can do this by filling the room with accents like dark green crepe paper hanging down in curls like vines from the ceiling or in the entrance to your party space. Additionally. you could fill an entire wall with crepe paper vines, and use it as a backdrop for a side table where you collect the gifts for the guest of honor.

Potted plants arranged in various locations around the room also help the setting, and what is a jungle baby shower without animals? If you like, you can hide plush jungle animals in strategic spots to surprise your guests during the party. A couple of monkeys, a few different birds, giraffes, tigers and an elephant or two are all welcome additions to your jungle-themed decor. The animals could inspire a fun party game, too! Print out lists with the names of jungle animals and have your guests guess the names of each animal’s baby. (For example, a baby elephant is a calf.)

Monkey Around at the Table Too

You can always find specialty party supplies of all different kinds, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding tableware to fit your theme. Glasses with jungle designs printed on them, zebra-print napkins and novelty tablecloths all add to your theme in a fun and easy way. Try to find tableware in jungle-appropriate colors: dark greens and browns, with a little yellow and orange to brighten things up. Use this color scheme when choosing other decorations like balloons and streamers so that everything looks cohesive.

Tropical Fare

When you are choosing your refreshments, try to use the jungle theme as your guide. Think about fruity flavors like banana, pineapple, passion fruit, kiwi and mangoes. Fruit-filled cakes have always been a favorite for celebrations, and a jungle-themed baby shower is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of fruitier fare! If you want to try a nature-inspired cake, focus your dessert table around an elegantly decorated “naked cake,” which is a cake without exterior frosting or fondant to hide the layers. Decorate the cake with fruit instead, topping it with sliced fruit of your choice and adding more in bunches on each tier.

Or, if the mom-to-be absolutely loves frosting, go ahead and ice it as much as you like! Pipe jungle animals and vines, or a “Congratulations!” message to the guest of honor. Or, if you want to try fondant, you could cover the entire cake in a shade of dark green and mold jungle animal figures to place on top.
Another option is to try decorated sugar cookies or cupcakes in lieu of an actual cake. You could even put out plain, undecorated sugar cookies with several piping bags filled with frosting and let your guests decorate their own! Or, decorate them yourself in a variety of animal designs, and serve them on a cake stand, instead.

Send Them Off With Safari Souvenirs

You always want your guests to leave with smiles on their faces and some little souvenir of the fun time you’ve had together. Souvenirs don’t have to be fancy and can be as simple as pretty gift bags filled with small items like stickers, candy and a decorated cookie. If you enjoy crafting, you can take plain picture frames and paint them in cool jungle patterns, like zebra or giraffe prints, and give these to your guests in gift boxes. If you’re looking for another effortless favor idea, you could take all those stuffed animals we mentioned earlier and give one to each of your friends as a parting gift. Decorations that double as party favors? It doesn’t get much better than that.