Kids’ Bathroom Storage Ideas

With all the toys, towels and supplies necessary to make a kid’s bathroom fun and functional, organization requires some creativity. Fortunately, it’s easy to contain the chaos and keep their bathroom clean and organized. If you’re ready to incorporate some lasting organization into your child’s bathroom, these ideas can help you get the space ready for storage in no time.


Using Your Walls

Creating effective bathroom storage gives you a chance to supplement your existing storage equipment. The built-in drawers and cabinets in your bathroom can still work, but why not add in a few more useful components? One of the best ideas for small bathrooms is to add shelves and other storage to the walls. The more surfaces and shelves you have to store things, the more efficient your storage becomes. You can make it fun by picking out some bright colors or hanging some string lights on them to make the space feel like more of a special place for your child.

Get Hooked

Sometimes you need more than just shelving to maximize your storage space. In fact, a few sets of hooks can work wonders in your child’s bathroom. They’re great for hanging towels and clothes, but they can also suspend storage baskets and support laundry-bag drawstrings. When floor space is limited, hooks make your wall space even more versatile. The back of the door is another great place to hang some hooks for storing towels and bathrobes.

Everything in its Place

Once you have your shelving and storage set up, you can make your system even more efficient by introducing smaller storage containers to compartmentalize different bathroom essentials. Put all your child’s shampoo, soap and other bath supplies in a waterproof box or basket, and keep washcloths in a box within easy reach on your shelf. It’s much easier to grab what you need when it’s in its own little container.

Covering the Basics

It’s great to focus on big-picture storage, but remembering the smaller details helps, too! It’s a useful idea to have bathroom essentials like toothbrush holders, soap dishes and a garbage can to put the “fun” into functionality. It’s also a great idea to have a little “house” (container) for everything so your child understands and remembers what goes where. It’s easy to remember where to put the toothbrush after using it when there’s a special holder with toothbrush-shaped holes waiting on the sink.

Keeping It Up

Although they don’t typically hold soap and other bath time tools, hampers are a bathroom essential you’ll love. A kids’ laundry hamper is useful for more than just holding dirty clothes, though that’s certainly a great use for one! You can use hampers to store clean towels for easy access, contain toys and other recreational items or stow wet towels before washing them. If you share a bathroom with your kids, you can also use the hamper to hold step stools, bath time kneeling pads and tub toys to keep the room looking neat.

Declutter and De-stress

Having less stuff to store makes storage so much easier. You might want to consider going through the unused items around the room, like old bath toys that nobody plays with anymore. Toss or donate old toys, and turn old towels into cleaning cloths. Eliminating clutter makes it easier to take inventory of and use your necessities – and it creates space for your new organizing essentials!