Kids’ Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are busy places for kids. From potty training to brushing their teeth, children learn and experience a lot in this part of the house. Creative ideas for your kids’ bathroom decor help to make the room a bit more fun. If your child’s bathroom could use some sprucing up, consider these ideas to fuel a bathroom makeover. Whether you decide to go stylish or whimsical, these ideas will get your bathroom decor project started in no time.


Choose a Theme

Themes are always a great way to approach decor for a child’s room, and the bathroom is no exception. Kids’ bathroom themes often focus on something related to water – aquariums, beaches and creatures of the deep are all beloved motifs. Even rubber duckies and other iconic bathroom symbols can take center stage. If you want to go against the grain, consider stepping away from nautical or aquatic themes and focusing on something else, like superheroes or even abstract colors. Once you have your theme all set, it can make the rest of the process much easier.

Get Your Basics Together

Every bathroom can benefit from some certain essentials, like a trash can, toothbrush holder and some towels. If you’re decorating for older kids, ask them to help pick out towels, accessories, bath mats and a shower curtain they love. However, if you’re decorating for a baby, you may want to hold off on going all-in on the theme. It’s easy to choose timeless neutrals that can easily adapt if you decide to redecorate as your child grows older.

Think About Decorative Accents

Coordinated decor gives you a quick and easy way to introduce a theme without having to change much else in the bathroom. This is a simple route to take if you want to make small changes. For example, it’s easy to bring in a few framed prints of sharks or put up a superhero-printed wallpaper border. These easy ideas create a fun decor theme that anchors your child’s bathroom.

Get Your Duckies in a Row

Bath toys are fun part of a kids’ bathroom that you can even use to decorate. Choose some cute toys to display and make the room feel more playful and inviting for your child. Just make sure they’re safe to use in the water so your youngster can take them into the bath.

Add Some Entertainment

Some kids are a little reluctant to get into the bathtub, and that’s totally normal. There are a few different approaches parents can take to remedy this issue. One is to make a party out of bath time and other activities like brushing teeth. With the advent of waterproof Bluetooth speakers, you can easily bring some entertainment into your kid’s bathroom, too. Play some fun music to make the bathroom seem like a welcoming space. You can even find bathroom-safe speakers in fun shapes or with color-changing lights that add another dimension of magic.

Keep It Simple

If your child already loves bath time, you may want to keep their bathroom decor simple. Embrace a theme based on colors or focused on a single image, like a beautiful photograph of a beach. Keeping their bathroom understated can make it easier to clean the space.