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Ideas for Baby’s First Easter Basket

Your baby’s first year is packed with new experiences, and when those firsts involve holidays and traditions like making an Easter basket, it’s so much fun to make sure those events are doubly special. As spring rolls around, it’s a great time to start planning how you’ll celebrate your little one’s first Easter. Why not put together a great basket? The possibilities are endless! Here are four main themes – wearables, food-themed items, toys and baby-care items – that can help inspire you as you begin putting together this special gift.

Baby Easter Basket

Wearables for Your Baby’s First Easter Basket

Infant and baby clothes are great additions to an Easter basket. The pastel colors that are popular in Easter decor are also colors that look nice on little ones, and they add the perfect touches when you’re filling a pretty holiday gift basket. Plus, their tiny size makes it easy to include a number of adorable goodies. Almost anything your child wears is an option, including jammies, bibs and onesies. Accessories for an Easter outfit – like hair bows and bow ties, caps, bonnets, socks, slippers or booties – are all items that are easy to find and fit in a basket.

Toys for Easter Baskets for Babies

Babies learn through interaction and play, so when you choose toys for Easter gifts, you’re giving your little one the gift of learning and fun. Think about classic, holiday-themed stuffed toys like fuzzy bunnies, chicks, lambs and teddy bears, learning toys your little one will play with over and over, and chunky board books that are wonderful for bedtime stories. These are gifts that keep on giving.

Baby’s First Easter Snacks

While candy is a traditional Easter gift for older children in some families, you probably won’t want to introduce it to your baby just yet. However, there are still ways you can add edible treats and food-themed treasures to your child’s holiday. One fun way to do this is to pack your baby’s favorite pediatrician-approved snacks in colorful plastic eggs. The eggs add color and enhance the playful holiday decor and the theme of the Easter bunny hiding eggs. An Easter dinner-themed selection of baby foods – like ham, pureed carrots and and applesauce – also makes for a tasty holiday meal.

Remember the Dishes!

In addition to tucking edible treats into the basket, the supplies your baby needs when eating or drinking are fun gifts for Easter. Choose colorful bunny-themed sippy cups your child will use when transitioning to juice or milk, or add some pretty, baby-friendly, plates and bowls with bunny images your little one can use for years to come. Then, when everyone gathers around the table, your child will always have a special place setting to use.

Decorative Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

This year, slip some useful baby care items in the basket. Instead of a basket liner, you can line the basket with a receiving blanket or hooded bath wrap. Add a few pretty pastel washcloths in the basket to support the toys, books, snacks or other gifts instead of using Easter grass. The extra fabric adds fullness and helps the goodies stand up, and the pastel colors turn the basket into a colorful display. If you selected clothing for your basket, you can also use the garments to fill extra space in the basket.

For a finishing touch, choose shiny ribbon in colors that match the gifts you chose and tie a teething ring or padded rattle to the handle of the basket. You can weave the ribbon around the handle to add some extra sparkle. Make a loose bow with the ribbon and leave the ends hanging down two or three inches so it’s easy to untie when your baby wants to play with the rattle or teething ring. Then, be sure to have your camera handy to capture your child’s reaction!