How to Throw a Rainbow Baby Shower

Nothing brightens your life like a new baby. Shine some colorful light on the happy parents to be with these rainbow baby shower ideas from Pottery Barn Kids. These simple suggestions are sure to make your event a vivid success.


Decor in Full Color

Though the rainbow theme is relatively simple, it’s still a great idea to consider how you’ll use this colorful motif in your party presentation. The designs you choose for your rainbow-themed baby shower can influence the kind of decor you incorporate. For example, if you’re planning to have multiple tables where guests sit, you can assign each table a color rather than a number.

There are many different rainbow elements that you can choose for your party decor, but if you want to give your look a sophisticated feel, make some focal floral centerpieces using real flowers in a range of different rainbow hues or faux flower rainbow lei necklaces. Use tall vases or candleholders in a range of sizes and fill them with clear florist’s water beads. Fill the vases gradually and arrange your flowers in a swirl as you add the water beads to hold them in place, and voila – bright blooms for a bright room!

A Rainbow of Healthy Snacks

You can find a wide range of different desserts, candies and other treats to suit your rainbow baby shower theme, but it’s easy to stay on theme with some wholesome, nutritious foods, too. Fruits and vegetables offer a rainbow of colors that you can use to present a full spectrum of snack options for your guests. Vibrant fruit skewers are a simple choice, but feel free to keep going! Use the fruits or vegetables below to create everything from layered rainbow finger sandwiches with hummus to rainbow veggie pizzas or delicious, colorful salads:

Red: radish, pepper (bell, chili or sweet), tomato, rhubarb, strawberry, red Anjou pear
Orange: tomato, habanero, winter squash, carrot, mango, papaya, citrus, persimmon
Yellow: corn, squash, tomato, starfruit, yellow raspberry, Rainier cherry
Green: kale, spinach, lettuce, green bean, peas, asparagus, kiwi, granny smith apple
Blue/Purple: eggplant, red cabbage, endive, purple cauliflower (raw), purple potato, purple carrot (raw), blueberry, plum, grape, fig

Though the blue and purple end of the spectrum can require some creative thinking, you can find options all year round at farmer’s markets and local groceries. You may want to plate some of these items raw or lightly cooked to preserve their gorgeous colors.

Prismatic Fun

Help your guests find inspiration in the rainbow shower theme with a onesie decorating station featuring a range of different solid rainbow-hued onesies. Offer a number of stencils and fabric paint to allow each guest to paint a onesie for each month of the baby's first year. Encourage guests to paint on decorative elements like stars, shining suns, clouds, rainbows and balloons to add extra pizzazz to the onesies. The parents will be able to use these adorable gifts to take photos on the baby’s month birthdays. This is a cute and clever way to track growth progress during the first year of life.