How to Throw a Kids’ Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for a late-winter kids’ party. Even though there are tons of great craft and snack opportunities for this sweet holiday, but you might be wondering where to start. Fortunately, it’s easy to make your kids’ Valentine’s Day party a success; all you need is a little planning and some creative inspiration. You can use these kids’ Valentine’s Day party ideas from Pottery Barn Kids as inspiration to host the most heartwarming party of the year.


Valentine Creation Station

You can help get everyone into the Valentine’s Day spirit by setting up a craft table with plenty of colorful paper, kid-safe scissors, stickers, markers, crayons and glitter glue. Then, show the kids how to cut out heart shapes and fold construction paper pages to make a card. Depending on how many kids you have over, you may want some additional adult helpers to assist with the creation of a custom Valentine each child dreams up. Help the kids write sweet messages for their parents, grandparents, siblings or even pets so they can bring their art project home and spread the love around.

Healthy Snacks

You’ll have no problem finding an abundance of sweets for the kids to enjoy during the party, but if you want, you can balance out the sweetness with some wholesome snacks, too! One way to do this is by dressing up fresh veggies by cutting them into fun shapes. You can use mini cookie cutters or bento cutters to make shapes like flowers and hearts to suit your Valentine theme. Create a yummy dip with ranch dressing seasoning and Greek yogurt, and bring it into the Valentine’s Day spirit by serving it up in small heart-shaped cups. You can also use larger heart cookie cutters to make mini sandwich cutouts in a party-perfect shape.

Sweet Treats

You can get creative with your sweets, too! Instead of setting out dishes of candy and cupcakes, consider making the dessert its own event! Before the kids arrive, make sugar cookies or brownies and cut them into heart shapes. Set out small piping bags of icing in festive colors like white, red, pink and lavender and multiple containers with small candies and sprinkles. Kids will love decorating their treats before devouring their tasty creations!

Delicious Drinks

Kids will need some refreshments after all that crafting, decorating and snacking. How about some beverages chilled with fruity heart-shaped ice cubes? Get an ice cube tray with heart shapes and add raspberry or strawberry puree with some water and just a touch of sweetener. You can make these Valentine’s Day ice cubes ahead and store them in the freezer days in advance to make party prep even easier. If you want to go all in, consider freezing some edible flowers in plain ice cubes for an added dose of holiday charm.

Adorable Adornments

Decorations are an important part of a themed party—especially for Valentine’s Day! There are so many fantastic kid-friendly ideas. You can focus on colors, shapes or motifs – whatever sounds good! Keep it classic with red and pink hearts or try something a little more unique like puppies and kittens or rainbow-hued conversation hearts. Whether you get ultra-creative or go with crowd-pleasing tradition, your party space will look wonderfully welcoming for children. Add decor to tabletops, your walls and even the ceiling to make your party space feel vividly Valentine-y.

If you love DIY crafts, consider making some extra special Valentine’s Day-themed embellishments for your home. There are plenty of simple project ideas for garlands, mobiles and other decorative accents that you can use for your party. Plus, they can be recycled year after year! If you want to keep it simple, store-bought decorations are great, too!