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How to Pack a Diaper Bag

When it comes to traveling with a baby or toddler, your diaper bag is an important essential. The diaper bag holds everything you need—whether you’re leaving the house for a couple of hours or packing up for a weekend away. If it’s your first outing with your baby, there are a few must-have items you can pack before the trip – after all, you never know when you might need them! As your baby grows, you’ll probably replace some of the items in your diaper bag, however, it’s still a helpful accessory to carry well into your child’s toddlerhood.


General Goodies

There are some items that are always helpful to have on your diaper bag checklist. The first one, of course, is diapers. Even if your toddler is potty training, it’s wise to keep a few diapers or a pull-up on hand at all times. For babies and toddlers in diapers, bring along one diaper per hour you plan to be out, plus a couple of extras to have on hand just in case Having plenty of wipes on hand is also a helpful plan. You can pack a separate outfit, including pajamas, in case your child needs to change or the weather gets hotter or colder. As far as diaper bag necessities go, consider a changing pad, hand sanitizer, plastic bags and cloth diapers or blankets.

Feeding Essentials

Depending on the length of time you’re out and the time of year, you may want to pack a separate cooler bag for your infant or toddler. Most diaper bags have a slot for a bottle, and if the weather isn’t too warm, it helps to have a full bottle on hand. If you’re breastfeeding, pack some of your pumping essentials or cover-up blankets. If your baby is bottle fed, pack some formula packets so that you can feed your baby on the go.

For babies that have moved onto solids, include a few healthy snacks for them to munch on. Toddlers love snacks too, so make sure you have some favorites on hand as well. You can also have a backup lunch packed if you’re going to be out for a while. A sandwich and a box of raisins in a lunch bag can work wonders during long trips in the car.

Emergency Essentials

There’s no need to put an entire first aid kit in your diaper bag, but it’s helpful to have a few essentials on hand just in case. Pack some tissues in a side pocket and some napkins for meals on the go. Pack some kid-friendly bandages and a few alcohol pads for treating minor scrapes or cuts. Toys or books are also handy for easy distraction or entertainment in the car or during a doctor appointment.

Packing the Bag

When you choose your bag, it helps to ensure it has plenty of room and compartments for supplies. It’s easy to stay organized when you can organize everything that goes into the bag. Pack things you don’t need as often at the bottom, like a change of clothes or extra blankets. Sometimes you might have to change a diaper in a hurry, so it’s a good idea to keep the diapers, wipes and plastic bag within easy reach. You’ll also want to keep baby food, snacks and milk close at hand if you don’t plan on keeping them in a separate bag. It’s a great idea to go through your diaper bag completely once every month or so to ensure that everything is clean efficiently organized.