How to Organize the Playroom

An organized and neat playroom is a dream to spend time in. With a little planning and a few simple tips, you can stay organized and keep playtime fun for your child. Creative solutions for their playroom’s storage is a great place to start. Keep reading for some helpful hints from Pottery Barn Kids!


First, Available Space and Room Layout

First, take stock of the available space in your child’s playroom and consider what items you’ll want to keep in your new storage. This is also the perfect opportunity to sort out unwanted, unused, outgrown or broken toys. You can work with your child to see which toys are keepers and which ones are good to donate. After you’ve cleaned out their room, it’s easier to consider the size and layout of the space and brainstorm how you’ll maximize space to create room for play and enough storage.

Organizing from a Child’s Perspective

When you’re setting up your child’s playroom, it’s helpful to focus on access; you’ll want to make sure your child can reach the toys they place with most. You can use the upper shelves and cabinets in storage units for less frequently used toys or things you might not want your child to easily reach on his or her own, such as paints and games with lots of small pieces.

Larger Toy Storage

Toy boxes are great for storing larger toys or collections of similar items, such as dolls or toy trucks. There are so many options for toy storage boxes, such as a wood toy chest painted white or stained. Colorfully painted toy boxes are a great way to brighten the room. If you want even more space, consider storage benches with comfortable upholstered tops for a nice spot to relax.

Label Loving

Label bins, baskets or even toy boxes with the items that belong inside. This makes it easier to find specific toys and clean up. You can try color coding labels or use pictures along with words for children who aren’t yet reading. Baskets that come with chalkboard labels allow you to add a personalized label to each.

Baskets and Bins for Smaller Toys

Keep things easy to access by storing smaller toys in baskets or bins according to the type of toy, such as small action figures, blocks or play food. You can find decorative storage bins and baskets in white, natural and darker wood colors in addition to other colorful acrylic options. Square and rectangular baskets can be used with liners in colors and decorative patterns to match your decor. You can also add a touch of whimsy with animal-shaped storage baskets, such as giraffes, elephants or whales.

Canvas Storage

Canvas storage bins with or without lids come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small bins to larger sizes that are perfect for bigger toys. Canvas bins work well in shelving units or even just stacked around the room. This makes them easy to move around wherever you need them.

Wall Storage Units

A wall storage unit is great for organizing many different types of toys and games. You can find storage units with drawer bases or open bases and combinations of cabinets, open shelves and drawers. The units can be combined and configured in any number of ways to accommodate your wall space and hold everything that needs to be stored.


Organizing books in a bookcase protects your child’s favorite stories, keeps the room neat and allows you to find a bedtime story in a snap. Bookcases come in all shapes and sizes to hold all your little one’s books. You can combine smaller cubbies with tall bookcases and even some floating shelves to tailor your storage needs to your wall space. Consider whether you want to use the shelf space only for books or add baskets for additional toy storage.