How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt for Kids

Are you thinking about spring and wondering how to make the most of it this year? Perhaps an Easter egg hunt is in order. These fun seasonal gatherings give kids the chance to enjoy the fresh spring air and find some treasures along the way. If you’re wondering how to organize an Easter egg hunt, this guide from Pottery Barn Kids will get you started.

Easter Basket & Liners

Spring into Action

One effective way to start organizing your Easter egg hunt is to pick a suitable date for the main event. Depending on how you and the people in your community tend to celebrate the event, Easter Sunday may or may not be the ideal option. The Saturday before is a good choice if you want to give guests time to attend religious services or family events on Easter Sunday. Late morning to early afternoon is an ideal window of time for an egg hunt since there will be ample sunlight for a successful search.

Gather Your Guests

With your date and start time all picked out, it’s time to invite your guests. It’s helpful to send out your invitations at least three weeks in advance if you’re planning a larger gathering. This gives guests enough time to organize their schedules. You can go the traditional route and send out paper invites, but you can also spread the word via e-mail or social media.

Hatching the Main Event

The eggs will be the most important part of your Easter egg hunt and hiding them can actually be lots of fun for the entire family! As you’re setting up, you may want to take some time to plan before you start hiding. This helps you keep track of how many eggs you’re hiding so you know when someone discovers the last one. It’s easy to lose track and forget in the excitement of the hunt, and you want to be sure to be able to call it when the final egg makes its way into a basket.

It helps to keep the age of your guests in mind, as well. If you’re primarily inviting children under the age o five, consider using eggs that are large, bright and easy to spot so the children can have a sense of accomplishment and enjoy the gifts inside their eggs. Try not to hide the eggs out of a little one’s reach; as Easter egg hunting should be a fun game, after all.

Let Your Creativity Blossom

Now it’s time to consider some of the smaller, more specific details of the event. There are lots of cute Easter egg hunt ideas for kids, and you can choose to make your hunt into an organized game or simply let the kids do their own thing and start searching however they want to. Think about the kinds of eggs you want to use and what, if anything, you want to put in them. If you use emptied eggshells or another type of Easter egg that doesn’t have an interior compartment, consider treating each egg as a token that kids can exchange for a piece of candy or another treat.

Hopping Good Snacks

Once all the hardworking egg hunters have filled their baskets with goodies, you’ll have the perfect reason to serve up some sweet seasonal treats. From deviled eggs to healthy carrot bread and springy crudite platters with fresh sugar snap peas and baby carrots, there are plenty of themed options for healthy snacks to serve alongside some of the sweeter fare. Cupcakes are a particularly good idea for Easter parties because they offer ample opportunities to create simple and adorable decorations in a small but satisfying size.